Saturday, June 15, 2013

Chase Loves Medical School

Life is grand.

Before Chase and I came to Arizona and started our adventure here, we talked to a lot of people about what our experience might be like.  Everything we were told was so shiny and bright that it blurred my vision.  It wasn't just the good things that seemed like they would be unreal, it was the hardships we were told about as well.  

Well, it wasn't long before it felt like things got real.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  Everything we had been told about what we would experience in some way, big or small, has come true.  

for example

Sometimes it's hard when Chase has exams Friday, Monday, Friday, Monday. (Maybe a Wednesday in there too.)

When we're going through those weeks I feel like marching right up to some professors and asking why they feel the need to torture my poor sweet innocent husband. I mean for heavens sake its not finals week, and the overwhelming majority of what he learns from courses like Neurology, he will never use during his career as a Podiatric Surgeon (sounds cooler than Podiatrist). ...Wait, what do you mean year two is harder?

Oh, and by the way Mr. Fantastically rich and in charge of Midwestern University, (Chase says I sound bitter) why does Neurology account for 7 credits in my Husbands GPA?  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the flaw in that logic.  Give it some thought ...I'll give you $40,000 a year ;)


We survived year one, and overall it has been an amazing year.  We have made so many great friends!  We really could not have been more blessed.

So far, not too much of our personalities have been sucked out of us.  Once in a while though someone who is in a residency program bears their testimony.  They remind us of how good we have it now, and how much of a personality sucker residency can be. Those are the testimony meetings I always leave feeling ridiculously scared of what our future holds...ha...ha..I'm joking...kind of.

It's no big deal really though right? Our friends and families will beat personalities back into us when its all over? right?

There are day's that are hard for me, and days I think are the best days of my life.  Other days are spent in the quiet calm of the temple.  I love those days.  I need more of those days.  Who wants to go to the temple? It means we get to go to Cafe Rio (YUM!).

Anyways this is my medical school rant.  Doesn't make sense? Sorry mate.  Happy Fathers day everyone! And if you can, watch Doctor Who, it's the best thing that will ever happen to you.