Saturday, August 24, 2013

We're at it again.

You know what they say... Work hard, Play hard.  We try our best to live by that mantra.

I LOVE spending time with Chase.  He is full of good advice and knowledge.  I can not tell you how grateful I am that I married this hard working, fun loving man.


We started our first leg... a 13 hour drive to Boise, ID.  Why I didn't take more pictures there escapes me.

Chase and I found Idaho extremely beautiful...and it is! But maybe we have been in AZ to long?

We got to play with our good friends Nick and Whitney.  And meet a new good friend Joseph Jensen, Whitneys man.  He took us geo cashing, chalking, and swimming in a dead fish river (aka Eagle Island). AND showed us a fantastic sushi place.  Food and fun? He knows our hearts well. 

Why I didn't take pictures with Tamra, Whitney J. and Neil is a mystery.  But this is Tamra's babe.  My best friend has a baby? weird.  I must be growing up or something.  I also had my first Trampoline gym experience.  LOVED IT! I am in the pre requisite club to the millionaire club (the 5am club),  and if all goes to plan we may or may not have trampoline floors someday. 

I also got to meet for the first time ever my Cuz/Aunt Jennys beautiful baby girl Kaitlin.  This baby girl is one tough cookie.

 On to Oregon/Washington.  My brother got married in the LDS temple!!!! and to one of my dearest friends.  I can not tell you how happy this makes me.  I have always been proud of that boy.  Who wouldn't be? he has accomplished so much.  And he is the coolest.  I love having an extreme professional athlete as a brother! ...It makes me cooler right?

 And we met my nephew baby Sam!!

After dancing the night away at the beautiful reception we left for Yosemite!
 Pictures and words can not describe how beautiful Yosemite is.  Please go. Please? just do it. And don't forget to invite us. There are a plethora of beautiful hikes, biking trails, views, etc.

 The wildlife in Yosemite is fearless, and some animals are overweight.  It breaks my heart.

 We think we could make the Varsity Cheer Squad

(for some reason I find Chase irresistible with a shirt tied around his head, what a sexy beast!)
 ....We love Ansel Adams...and the name Ansel

 We probably ran out of food.  Chase insisted that this can of beans was gourmet.

  One of our favorite things to do while camping is rock scrambling up rivers, and polar dipping.  The water here was SO COLD! so after the first day, there was no force in the universe that could have got me back into that water (in the early am).

 We tried to spend all of our time out and about just soaking in the beauty,

"The harder you work, the luckier you get" -a wise soul

"Here, in this rich wilderness, we dreamed that over the next ridge, beyond the next stream, freedom lay forever" -Newmans