Sunday, January 26, 2014

Marathon Recap

We ran a marathon, it was hard.

Yes, I did almost waste precious energy crying a couple times around mile 15.

Yes, Chase did leave me around mile 17 because I kept yelling "SAVE YOURSELF!" (He may have left out of embarrassment...)

Yes, it is possible to get a second wind at mile 20.

Yes, I caught back up to Chase and ended up being the one to cheer him on to the finish line. (Who da thunk?)

Yes, I will probably run another someday. (I know I said never again... But it's been a week now)

Every time I do something hard, something that that I don't quite feel confident enough to do, I grow. Running 26.2 miles fell into this category.

(my rock on sign is backward I know....)

And on another note. I just wanted to tell everyone how important it is that you love yourself.
Love your body, take care of it, there are people following your example and attitude toward it. Put good wholesome food in it. Exercise, so that you can use your body to enjoy the world! Don't spend your life cooped up working.  Work hard, play hard, sleep like a rock.