Tuesday, January 31, 2012


why is today the best day of my life?

well one of many reasons....I GOT CHACOS!!

I have coveted them for oh so long but could not make myself spend 90+ bones on them.  BUT thanks to Ebay I have gotten them for half of that!  wooohooo!!!

in honor of my new sandals...
I would just like to thank my Husband for supporting this splurge.  For my family for raising me in a household that supported outdoorsy activities.  and for my brothers who made me aware of how awesome chacos are for EVERY activity in life.

yes I am ridiculous

Monday, January 30, 2012

You are CDO. and yes... that's OCD alphabetized

I am married to the love of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!

let me tell you he is wonderful. :)  and this last week I have appreciated his OCD tendencies believe it or not.  

let me explain

first of all Chase was the little kid who paid attention to small details for instance when he was a little boy his clothing seemed to last longer and stay cleaner than other little boys (its still that way the man measures his shirts when he folds them so that they are the same size) 

in comparison I was the little girl who in 5th grade managed to rip holes in countless pairs of jeans running, sliding, and crawling. 

sometimes this difference bothers him.  For instance I rarely wear matching socks and it drives him crazy.  I am sure that I could do what my good friend Tracy does and draw uncompleted circles in his notebooks, or maybe throw one piece of garbage in the middle of a clean floor.  But his head might just explode.

ANYWAYS this last week with me out of commission I could not have asked for a better caretaker.  He even spoon fed me when I was so out of it after my wisdom teeth got taken out.  

I love Mr. Moffat

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The unbalanced breakdown

Okay.... so I have in fact told many people about my sprained ankle and how it happened

and with that I have mentioned that I am no inspiring story and now I will blog about why that is.  AND also how God will indeed humble you if you think you are to cool for school.

SO long story short I fell rock climbing.  It boils down to a unlucky landing situation...the end

but you know how there are people out there who are amazing?  You know the people who have some kind of promising sports career and then become paralyzed but instead of being down in the dumps they are inspiring and take life in stride handling each obstacle with grace?

welp, that person is not me. (It was kind of a painful realization)

Friday Jan. 20th
There I was unable to walk starting to feel slightly ill on Mama Moffats reclining chair.

in my head-  OH NO! I am gonna puke and I can't even get to a bathroom, sink, or back door!!!
after awhile Chase came in and helped me get to the shower
at first the shower seemed like it was an excellent idea, but soon due to the heat I started to feel quezy... again.

so I got out of the shower and sat awkwardly on the bathroom floor (keep in mind its hard to sit down normal with a sprained ankle) near the toilet and proceeded to bawl my eyes out.

pathetic? yes
selfish? yes
maybe not the prettiest picture to paint for you? yes

thankfully Chase eventually checked on me and tried to soothe me saying things like
"Liz at least we are not in a life or death situation"
my response?
unreasonable? yes.

anyways this is how God reminded me that my life is actually quite simple....

lets just say I had a real real bad reaction to the anesthetic and still can hardly walk

PS GUESS WHAT!!! I re did the link fitness and food for the soul at the top of the page or you can just click on the link or click the no excuses note pad.  CHECK IT OUT!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bucket list item #9

Once upon a time my friend Nola and I went on a small hike in the near by woods at her house in the mountains.   on this hike we came across two trees fairly close together.

AND we had a GENIUS idea!

what was the idea? we would carve hearts into the trees and someday come back with our future husbands and carve their names into the hearts.

well 4 bloodied hands and a couple hours later we had finished carving our hearts.

IT WAS HARD!  but we did it and....

a few days ago my HUSBAND and I took a detour on our way home and he carved our initials into that old tree.

where did the time go?  It seriously seems like yesterday that Nola and I spent our days picking berries,  exploring the woods, and doing silly things like throw rocks at swarms of bees....

oh by the way did I mention I currently have a sprained ankle?  it made for an interesting snow hike

and ps I just got my wisdom teeth out

check out this picture

don't worry its just yogurt.  I couldn't feel it on my lips because they were numb...
I hope you don't feel sick after looking at this picture

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have it if I

  • Eat right, I mean the right things, the right amounts, and at the right times
  • sleep the right amount (not to much, not to little)
  • follow some form of a routine ie upon waking up read the scriptures stretch eat breakfast
  • Believe in my self
Why do I not feel like I have it right now?

Maybe because I have been working hard physically for a week and a half...?

and I have not been eating completely right....

time to fix it.

the end.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Please can we live in Medford love?

This last week has been a week of hard work

a week of early to bed and semi early to rise


today we went on another hike (our third since we have been here,  I have lost time to make up for from this summer)

and I could not believe the view.  This valley is so beautiful.  It never gets to cold, it rarely snows, and the sun shines most of the year


anyways check out these pictures

OH! and tonight I went to a zumba class with my new sister Meghan

it rocked! I wish I had pictures

ps.  Don't let anything stop you from doing hard things YOU CAN DO IT

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Say no to mediocrity

Sometimes I remember how much love I have in my heart for certain things


How much I LOVE Medford

How much I love playing the piano

How much I love waking up early

How much I love sunsets...AND sunrises

How much I love seeing the stars and a big bright moon

How much fun it is to see old friends!

How good it feels to run until your legs burn

How good it feels to master a song on the guitar

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chia seed vs. Flax seed

The other day my Mama made Chia seed muffins

if you're like me you might be thinking
What in the world is chia seed? how does it compare to flax?

remember cha cha cha chia pets?

well I did some research and I think I found some fairly reliable information.

first of all There is a lot of health benefits from eating flax seed.  People with diabetes often take flax seed supplements because it is high in Omega 3 fat and in fiber.  It helps fight constipation, cancer, heart disease , and helps build up your immune system

Flax seed = good

BUT there is some debate about whether or not flax seed raises you estrogen levels.
Why would it do that?
Flax seed is Linseed aka what Linens are made out of WHICH contain a fair about of plant based estrogen and phytoestrogen .  The argument is whether the plant based estrogen copies the estrogen in our bodies raising our estrogen level or if the phytoestrogen levels out any estrogen imbalance we may have in our body.

Interesting right?
so a healthier alternative without the controversy?


Chia seed, similar to flax, will do wonders for your health and skin.  Sometimes this seed is known as the "Indian Running seed" the Mayan messenger runners would carry it in a little pouch as then ran.

Here are some quick facts about chia seed

  • 2 times the protein of any other seed or grain
  • 5 times the calcium of milk
  • 2 times the amount of potassium as bananas
  • 3 times more iron than spinach
  • and of course, copious amounts of omega-3 and omega-6
Its easy to replace a flax supplement with a chia supplement.  From what I understand you can replace any recipes that contain flax seed with chia seed.  It has a very mild flavor  so you could even sprinkle it on a salad or over cereal.  

oh and this website goes into much more detail about chia seed

Monday, January 2, 2012

I am not one to give up

so it is January 2nd and I have just now finally narrowed down and specified my goals

It's not something that I usually do, the whole get very specific about my New Years goals, but I overheard my Mama talking about her last years goals and this years goals and I decided it was really a fantastic idea

seriously you should read about her goals last year and this year

At first when I started thinking about what I wanted for my goals I seriously was having trouble getting specific my brain would think things like

be healthy...be a better person...be more reasonable aka not so hot headed

BUT I know that without more direct goals I would possibly not be able to achieve these things SO here I go

This is the year I

  • am going to read the ensign every month
  •  will study 12 different attributes of Christ, each month I will work on a different attribute and apply it
  • will read my scriptures 10 minutes EVERY morning (this year I don't want to miss a day, I came close last year)
  • will STRETCH.  I want to be able to do the splits :D 
  • will try 12 new recipes, again 1 every month
  • will run in a race again 

SO to help me track myself I made an excel spread sheet with blanks to fill things in on.  I also want to make a big poster with some awesome stickers to track myself but that wasn't a New Years goal so we will see if  that happens 

Happy New Years!!!!! 

PS go back and read my moms blog if you didn't it will inspire you to make and keep goals no matter your circumstance.  DO IT