Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bucket list item #9

Once upon a time my friend Nola and I went on a small hike in the near by woods at her house in the mountains.   on this hike we came across two trees fairly close together.

AND we had a GENIUS idea!

what was the idea? we would carve hearts into the trees and someday come back with our future husbands and carve their names into the hearts.

well 4 bloodied hands and a couple hours later we had finished carving our hearts.

IT WAS HARD!  but we did it and....

a few days ago my HUSBAND and I took a detour on our way home and he carved our initials into that old tree.

where did the time go?  It seriously seems like yesterday that Nola and I spent our days picking berries,  exploring the woods, and doing silly things like throw rocks at swarms of bees....

oh by the way did I mention I currently have a sprained ankle?  it made for an interesting snow hike

and ps I just got my wisdom teeth out

check out this picture

don't worry its just yogurt.  I couldn't feel it on my lips because they were numb...
I hope you don't feel sick after looking at this picture


  1. That picture is wicked! Did Chase get video footage? If not, i'm not his friend anymore.

  2. Liz you are hilarious! And you still look hot with your wisdom teeth out! Haha

  3. How CUTE! I love that you got to carve your initials into the hearts!
    And so sorry about your wisdom teeth :( I hope you feel asap!