Monday, January 2, 2012

I am not one to give up

so it is January 2nd and I have just now finally narrowed down and specified my goals

It's not something that I usually do, the whole get very specific about my New Years goals, but I overheard my Mama talking about her last years goals and this years goals and I decided it was really a fantastic idea

seriously you should read about her goals last year and this year

At first when I started thinking about what I wanted for my goals I seriously was having trouble getting specific my brain would think things like

be a better more reasonable aka not so hot headed

BUT I know that without more direct goals I would possibly not be able to achieve these things SO here I go

This is the year I

  • am going to read the ensign every month
  •  will study 12 different attributes of Christ, each month I will work on a different attribute and apply it
  • will read my scriptures 10 minutes EVERY morning (this year I don't want to miss a day, I came close last year)
  • will STRETCH.  I want to be able to do the splits :D 
  • will try 12 new recipes, again 1 every month
  • will run in a race again 

SO to help me track myself I made an excel spread sheet with blanks to fill things in on.  I also want to make a big poster with some awesome stickers to track myself but that wasn't a New Years goal so we will see if  that happens 

Happy New Years!!!!! 

PS go back and read my moms blog if you didn't it will inspire you to make and keep goals no matter your circumstance.  DO IT 

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