Sunday, January 29, 2012

The unbalanced breakdown

Okay.... so I have in fact told many people about my sprained ankle and how it happened

and with that I have mentioned that I am no inspiring story and now I will blog about why that is.  AND also how God will indeed humble you if you think you are to cool for school.

SO long story short I fell rock climbing.  It boils down to a unlucky landing situation...the end

but you know how there are people out there who are amazing?  You know the people who have some kind of promising sports career and then become paralyzed but instead of being down in the dumps they are inspiring and take life in stride handling each obstacle with grace?

welp, that person is not me. (It was kind of a painful realization)

Friday Jan. 20th
There I was unable to walk starting to feel slightly ill on Mama Moffats reclining chair.

in my head-  OH NO! I am gonna puke and I can't even get to a bathroom, sink, or back door!!!
after awhile Chase came in and helped me get to the shower
at first the shower seemed like it was an excellent idea, but soon due to the heat I started to feel quezy... again.

so I got out of the shower and sat awkwardly on the bathroom floor (keep in mind its hard to sit down normal with a sprained ankle) near the toilet and proceeded to bawl my eyes out.

pathetic? yes
selfish? yes
maybe not the prettiest picture to paint for you? yes

thankfully Chase eventually checked on me and tried to soothe me saying things like
"Liz at least we are not in a life or death situation"
my response?
unreasonable? yes.

anyways this is how God reminded me that my life is actually quite simple....

lets just say I had a real real bad reaction to the anesthetic and still can hardly walk

PS GUESS WHAT!!! I re did the link fitness and food for the soul at the top of the page or you can just click on the link or click the no excuses note pad.  CHECK IT OUT!


  1. Rock climbing is so much harder then it looks! I'm a big fan of repelling though!

  2. Is that you up there?! I went rock climbing with my husband and it was a lot more challening than I remember, PROPS to you!

    1. Yeah! and I totally understand I hadn't been in like 2 years and it took me a bit to get the hang of it again. thank you:)