Friday, February 24, 2012


Tomorrow we leave for San Diego.  The day after that we board a boat that will take us to CABO!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!

just so my Mama knows.  I bought hypoallergenic 75spf water proof sunscreen.  Why? well I have skin that breaks out as quickly as a 14 year old and despite my ability to tan faster than 90% of Caucasian  Americans,  I decided that I don't want to be leathery and wrinkly sooner than later.

so there it is.  My name is Liz I have been known to love tan skin.  I am still convinced that I look way prettier/skinnier the more tan I am.  BUT! Heavenly father has given me a beautiful body that I need to respect.  So while I will not in any way be avoiding the sun this upcoming week I WILL be protecting it.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

He paints my toes

Today I was about to paint my toes when Chase offered to help me.  The man did a great job too!

Oh and I tried these pants on as a joke but ended up secretly LOVING them.  they were comfy and so warm
(they are made of sweat pant sorta stuff
oh and yes I have gone shopping more than once with this temporary disability.   I feel hard core, especially since shopping is not on my top 25 list of favorite things to do.

3 more days until I am in a boot!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dear Diary

Basically I decided I needed to write a couple things down.  I stink at keeping a journal and maybe this sorta replaces it?


Dear Diary
              I just wanted to tell you how much Chase and I laugh when I for some reason decide to wear skinny jeans OVER my cast that almost reaches my knee.  At the end of the day I have to hold on to something while he pulls them off of me.  What is it people say? beauty takes sacrifice!

            I also wanted to tell you that I am a hot head.  HALLELUJAH Chase is not.  for instance... this morning I stuffed the cloths I wanted to wear after the shower under my shirt for easier transportation (you can not carry anything easily while using crutches) after making it halfway up the stairs (not an easy feat) I realized that I forgot to put on pants....this enraged me! so I went back down the stairs and back to our bed.  At this point my clean cloths were falling out of my shirt so I threw them on the ground and threw myself on the bed.  Chase...I am pretty sure was laughing at me.  Why and the world would anyone waste there life being angry about that? shoot.

          Oh.... and this is personal so naturally I will write about it on my blog...I have not been using one of my legs for a little over a month now.  and...I have developed cottage cheese bum on one side. DANGIT!  I may or may not been legitimately upset about this at first.  Big world problems right?

I am sure there is more.  but that's all for now.  have a good one!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

(read this one its good) I have no pride. EXCEPT in my mama

SO! first of all my Mama is THE BEST! she sent me a package with my favorite shirt and...
Sometimes I realize that I am a lot like her in some ways.

OH! and shout out to her!!!! on her weight loss journey which she has lost over 100+lbs (That's what it was at Christmas and I have not really asked her her exact number since) she realized that she is now in normal clothing sizes! GO MAMA P!

AND this unstoppable woman shocked me a few days ago by telling me that her and my Dad have decided to go on a cruise. A CRUISE! my parents on a cruise, at least I think they are my parents.  They look and smell like my parents...

Okay...and now you can get to know me just a little bit better
maybe you already know that I have no shame.
In some areas of life I just sorta do what feels right even if its humiliating what?

the classic example?  I once delivered phone books (which is not so bad) but my friend and I borrowed a shopping cart and pushed it around neighborhoods FULL of phone books.  Neighborhoods I might add that had many of my friends probably indoors comfortably playing video games or laying by the pool all summer long.

OR maybe playing the X Box Kinect dancing game last night...with a cast on...with Chases Moxie recruits that I probably should be making the best impression possible.

heres a taste
and below is the video

Have a WONDERFUL day.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Renting vs. Buying +(hoover) Dam pictures

Anyone ever bought a home?

welp, turns out its a LOT of work.  Maybe I am the only person that didn't know this.  Or maybe I am being dramatic because EVERYTHING seems to be harder when you can't use one of your legs.

anyways thank goodness Chase is in my life.  I am grateful yet again that he is CDO (OCD alphabetized) because he has spent countless hours the last four months researching how to go about buying a home and making most of the phone calls to get our finances in order just in case that is in fact what we decide to do.

why do I bring this up now?  we just got back to Utah from a visit to AZ to get to know the area and look at homes.  We had SO MUCH fun!  basically I am the stair master.  can you go up and down stairs all day on crutches? (turns out I broke my ankle I'll have to blog about that later) oh and the winter weather there isn't so bad.

I am feeling a little scatter brained right now but here is a link to a really good website for insights on buying a home.

and here are our Dam pictures

                                                 dam good looking couple
                                               Chase and his Dam hat
                                                 Touring with dam style

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pillow talk

FIRST of all I have recently realized how funny  my Husband is. This has come to me since I have stopped working graves.  It may have something to do with the way I feel about the world in general.... sleep at night is a GREAT thing people.

DOS I just remembered something!  
You know how when you first start sharing a bed with someone you have to get used to it plain and simple.  Well for someone like me (that is someone who can manage to take up most of a king size mattress) its hard for the other person especially.  well...We used to have these red throw pillows....I grew to be SO jealous of them.  I would wake up and chase would be snuggling away with them

I know I know...How could he!!!! 

OR I would wake up and he would have made a barrier in an attempt to not let me unknowingly kick him off the bed... I did and do feel sorry about that..

SO eventually I would try different tactics like...HIDING! those dumb red pillows 
sometimes I would "accidentally" just kick them off the bed right when he was getting to tired to do to much about it

I just wanted to be the one he snuggled...

but one night I had a GENIUS idea

our room got very dark once the lights were out so as soon as he hit the switch I got up and as fast as I could stuffed his beloved red throw pillows into my shirt and pajamas as fast as possible
AH HA! now if he wanted to snuggle those pillows he would have to snuggle me too!!! 
Chase fairly quickly realized something was up and flipped on the lights

...we got a good laugh and....

NOW WE SNUGGLE! (mostly)


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

bad case of the TJs

TJs? = Tired Jollys
{I may or may not be suffering from them}
this just made me laugh for way to long.
where did I find this? Pinterest of course
while Chase researches possible homes for us to buy I have been researching AWESOME things for us to put in our home.  :)
for instance  ....
a glow in the dark toilet liner.  I would put a picture of it up...BUT! I forgot to pin it, hate it when that happens

Happy Wednesday!