Saturday, February 11, 2012

(read this one its good) I have no pride. EXCEPT in my mama

SO! first of all my Mama is THE BEST! she sent me a package with my favorite shirt and...
Sometimes I realize that I am a lot like her in some ways.

OH! and shout out to her!!!! on her weight loss journey which she has lost over 100+lbs (That's what it was at Christmas and I have not really asked her her exact number since) she realized that she is now in normal clothing sizes! GO MAMA P!

AND this unstoppable woman shocked me a few days ago by telling me that her and my Dad have decided to go on a cruise. A CRUISE! my parents on a cruise, at least I think they are my parents.  They look and smell like my parents...

Okay...and now you can get to know me just a little bit better
maybe you already know that I have no shame.
In some areas of life I just sorta do what feels right even if its humiliating what?

the classic example?  I once delivered phone books (which is not so bad) but my friend and I borrowed a shopping cart and pushed it around neighborhoods FULL of phone books.  Neighborhoods I might add that had many of my friends probably indoors comfortably playing video games or laying by the pool all summer long.

OR maybe playing the X Box Kinect dancing game last night...with a cast on...with Chases Moxie recruits that I probably should be making the best impression possible.

heres a taste
and below is the video

Have a WONDERFUL day.


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  2. I love the kinect! haha this post had me laughing! Congrats to your mom for all the accomplishments. :)

  3. Bahaha I remember the day we both lost our pride pushing grocery carts down Royal. Even better that we stole the cart! Miss you Liz P Moffat!