Thursday, February 9, 2012

Renting vs. Buying +(hoover) Dam pictures

Anyone ever bought a home?

welp, turns out its a LOT of work.  Maybe I am the only person that didn't know this.  Or maybe I am being dramatic because EVERYTHING seems to be harder when you can't use one of your legs.

anyways thank goodness Chase is in my life.  I am grateful yet again that he is CDO (OCD alphabetized) because he has spent countless hours the last four months researching how to go about buying a home and making most of the phone calls to get our finances in order just in case that is in fact what we decide to do.

why do I bring this up now?  we just got back to Utah from a visit to AZ to get to know the area and look at homes.  We had SO MUCH fun!  basically I am the stair master.  can you go up and down stairs all day on crutches? (turns out I broke my ankle I'll have to blog about that later) oh and the winter weather there isn't so bad.

I am feeling a little scatter brained right now but here is a link to a really good website for insights on buying a home.

and here are our Dam pictures

                                                 dam good looking couple
                                               Chase and his Dam hat
                                                 Touring with dam style

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  1. I love your dam pictures haha
    I'm from Utah so I appreciate this post :)