Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pillow talk

FIRST of all I have recently realized how funny  my Husband is. This has come to me since I have stopped working graves.  It may have something to do with the way I feel about the world in general.... sleep at night is a GREAT thing people.

DOS I just remembered something!  
You know how when you first start sharing a bed with someone you have to get used to it plain and simple.  Well for someone like me (that is someone who can manage to take up most of a king size mattress) its hard for the other person especially.  well...We used to have these red throw pillows....I grew to be SO jealous of them.  I would wake up and chase would be snuggling away with them

I know I know...How could he!!!! 

OR I would wake up and he would have made a barrier in an attempt to not let me unknowingly kick him off the bed... I did and do feel sorry about that..

SO eventually I would try different tactics like...HIDING! those dumb red pillows 
sometimes I would "accidentally" just kick them off the bed right when he was getting to tired to do to much about it

I just wanted to be the one he snuggled...

but one night I had a GENIUS idea

our room got very dark once the lights were out so as soon as he hit the switch I got up and as fast as I could stuffed his beloved red throw pillows into my shirt and pajamas as fast as possible
AH HA! now if he wanted to snuggle those pillows he would have to snuggle me too!!! 
Chase fairly quickly realized something was up and flipped on the lights

...we got a good laugh and....

NOW WE SNUGGLE! (mostly)


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