Saturday, December 14, 2013

Life's To Short To Fold Fitted Sheets

Life update.

Merry Christmas Season!!!!

Remember how I am running a marathon in 35 days 10 hours and 15 minutes? I realize now how flawed my decision making process was, when I made the decision to participate in a 26.2 mile race. I simply overlooked one fundamental fact...  RUNNING SUCKS.  As Ann Perkins once said...

Why not just back out you ask? Change my distance? Thats really just not who I am.  I've invested to much time, and way to much energy now.  Just pray for me.  Not that I finish the race, I am fairly confident I can do that, more that I can have a better attitude, so I can keep the human friends I have (Bob Hope would never leave me).

On a more uplifting note.  I wanted to share about how grateful I am for this time of year, and the greatness it brings out in people.

Today I had to last minute run to the store because we ran out of olive oil, and the missionaries were on their way over for dinner (I refused to change what was on the menu).  On the way home I pulled up to the stop light and made awkward eye contact with the man next to me.  I was listening to Christmas music, and my window was half way down. So, in an attempt to make it more, or less awkward, you can decide, I started singing and dancing.
This man happened to be listening to the same station, and he made me look like the new elf on the block with his dance moves!!!  He made my heart grow 3 sizes!

I am happy there are happy dancing people in the world.  Thank you if you are one of them.

HINT HINT: Dancing enthusiastically makes me happy,  if you have lived with me for the last two and a half years and want to know what I want for Christmas... A choreographed dance performance to single ladies would make me happy. (cough cough Husband)