Sunday, June 12, 2011

Falling in love

This weekend I fell in love...

With The East! It is 100% beautiful.  I have been under the impression that this place was pretty, but this weekend I had the rare experience of leaving my bubble between my apt and my work place.  We headed to the beach and had a whole heap of fun.  But the drive there was amazing

I AM SO BLESSED! I have so many opportunities to enjoy my life and future family and friends.  I recognize how great I have it.  yikes! 


Fathers day is coming up do you know what you're doing?

“rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life” –Albert eiestein 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Together in making eternity


this was the original theme for our family reunion.  I really love it.  especially the with the knowledge that Love is Spelled T.I.M.E so very true right?

Anyways this weekend was the Furgason Family Reunion check out the pictures:D (just a taste)

 This is almost all of us.  We sincerely missed you Mortons Alex Brent Rose and Neil

The older Furgason Sisters "perfected" synchronize swimming

Nates Talent:)

Lisy Bugs Tap routine

Lyra had her 27th birthday!

This weekend was so relaxing Thank you so much Mama P and Amanda for pulling through and making everything perfect:) I have leaned that taking the time and money to have fun with your family is so important!

“all that the future holds in store for each sacred child of god will be shapped by his or hers parents, friends, family, and teachers thus, our faith now becomes part of our posterities faith later"

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wedding surprises?

Here are just a few things I learned about being engaged this last week

Turns out when you're engaged people feel as though they have a free ticket to corner you into awkward conversations...

ALSO people give you heaps of really great advice. for real. it kinda rocks!

anyways it gets you an in with the cool kids and I like it.  At this moment I am having the time of my life with my family in Sunriver (a resort town in Oregon) The "cool  kids" aka the older cousins who are all married used to almost always exclude me and count me out with the younger cousins (I am kinda in older middle range where cousins are sparse.) BUT the diamond ring on my finger gets me into invitation only hot tub meetings and Adult only pizza outings.

It is also easy to fall into the trap of only thinking about yourself.  I admit it.  I do not pay enough attention to a lot of things I would normally pay attention to and I would just like to apologize to the world.

TODAY I GOT MY WEDDING DRESS! its beautiful.  I love it so much, Thank you Mom and Dad.  Papa bear got a little emotional and it was tender:)

k peace out

Have a blessed day

Friday, June 3, 2011

West Coast Babay

Here I am in Sun River Oregon at my glorious family reunion:D:D:D:D:D:D.

FIRST: My plane ride here? AWESOME. I sat between an elderly lady and a fourteen year old boy.  I got along with both perfectly! I had so much fun.  my conclusion?  I am both a little boy and a grandma at heart no big.

SECOND: when you're engaged everyone gives you a LOT of attention,  ( and turns out its fun)


FOURTH: I love my family. a whole heap.  AND I am excited to be part of my new family.

today in the car my mom got a phone call from an unknown number this is how the convo went

Mom "Hello who is this?"
Dad (at the time unknown caller) "Hi I have seen you naked"
Mom "UH!" slam her phone shut says to us "I just got an obscene phone call!"....."OMGSH I think that was your dad"


Thursday, June 2, 2011


So I have been meaning to blog and tell the magical story of how Chase Proposed to me:D (it was cute I have never seen someone produce so much sweat and shake uncontrollably from nerves) but right now I  don't have time.  I just wanted to say

IM GOING TO SEE MY FAMILY TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D;D;D;D;D;D;D

I can not sit still.
I love it here with all my heart.
And I love with Chase with all my heart I got the best and I mean it.

BUT I am sooooo thankful that I get to see my family.


West Coast I miss you.