Monday, June 6, 2011

Together in making eternity


this was the original theme for our family reunion.  I really love it.  especially the with the knowledge that Love is Spelled T.I.M.E so very true right?

Anyways this weekend was the Furgason Family Reunion check out the pictures:D (just a taste)

 This is almost all of us.  We sincerely missed you Mortons Alex Brent Rose and Neil

The older Furgason Sisters "perfected" synchronize swimming

Nates Talent:)

Lisy Bugs Tap routine

Lyra had her 27th birthday!

This weekend was so relaxing Thank you so much Mama P and Amanda for pulling through and making everything perfect:) I have leaned that taking the time and money to have fun with your family is so important!

“all that the future holds in store for each sacred child of god will be shapped by his or hers parents, friends, family, and teachers thus, our faith now becomes part of our posterities faith later"

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