Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm going RAOK

Today I was reading a blog about a lady who did 38 random acts of kindness for her 38th birthday.   What a stud right?? you can read about it here

Anyways, fast forward a couple hours and I found myself getting things ready for the tomorrow and realizing that we had no milk.  I personally don't care much for cow juice....BUT Chase doesn't know what to do with himself if he doesn't have cold cereal available for breakfast.  So I found enough kindness in my heart to make a quick run to the grocery store.

While in the checkout line at the grocery store the gift cards started staring me down.  After a quick evaluation of whether I should spend Christmas decor money on a gift card for a stranger or on things to make my house beautiful I decided it was a no brain er and purchased a gift card without taking a moment to look back. (Everyone knows how impulsive I can be)

I quickly left the store wondering what I should now do with the newly purchased gift card and decided to leave it on a car.  

I went RAOK!!!

I decided that I should start trying to do a RAOK everyday.  I have tried this before and the results are always excellent.  I truly am the one who has benefited the most.

I really recommend that you try too!!! pay it forward, perform a random act of kindness, make someones day!

That's all:)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

My hair is redpurple

So yesterday was my birthday party day.  My birthday party was canceled but I am not one to let something like that keep me from acting like its my birthday.

SO I convinced Chase that this clearly meant that I should purchase a new shirt.

while shopping with my friend Kelsie I found myself super attracted to the color red.  (I guess I was feeling powerful)   I am usually a neutral tones kind of girl but yesterday....I LOVED me some red.

where did this day take me?

to target in the hair coloring isle.  As I was earlier I found myself very attracted to the color red.  Not bright red, but dark auburn.

I did not take into account that my hair was currently half honey blond.... and this is what happened

This picture does not even begin to do my rock star hair justice. 

I will be going back to beautiful brown tomorrow.  redpurple hair does not suit me well

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl and they loved each other very much

The boy was quite the catch.  He had a kind heart, serious ambition, and the kind of integrity that you don't often find.  

The girl loved this boy with all of her heart.  How in the world did she get so freaken lucky?  After a year of marriage she would still daydream about her French speaking med student, his big old heart, and his rock hard abs...  

One evening after the girl was almost asleep the boy came in the bedroom and said
"You're on my side of the bed"
the girl said
"I am barely on your side cool your jets"

The boy left the room and came back with a measuring tape the girl said
"for reals you are measuring the bed?"
the boy said
"yes...I love you"
The girl moved to the ground and fell asleep, when she woke up the boy was right next to her on the floor.  Good thing they had a new terribly comfortable bed to sleep on just a few feet away... The girl said to the boy
"You slept on the floor with me."
The boy said
"yeah, I missed you"

and they are still living happily ever after.

The End

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Marriage is hard, but oh so good

After almost 15 months  of blissful marriage I feel like I still don't know much about it.  Maybe someday that will change?

 The other day after a manboy at school told me

 "Liz, you don't need to look good anymore you're off the market"
 and I told him
"I do need to look good if I want to stay off the market"

I got to thinking...what do I need to do to not just stay off the market but have a happy, fulfilling, uplifting, progressive marriage? And what have I learned about it all so far?

I turned to my teacher who is recently divorced (looking back this might have been rude and probably made him feel awkward) and asked what his advice was for someone who was looking to stay married.

He said what a lot of people will tell you.
"Always work on communication"

SO I started thinking.  There was a time in my life when I considered myself a HORRIBLE communicator.  After that there was a time in my life when I thought I was a rock star when it came to communication.   This short period of time came after the realization that God wants all his sons and daughters to communicate with each other if he wants us to communicate with him.
CURRENTLY I consider myself a work in progress.  Turns out when you're upset communication is hard.  Chase and I don't even yell or anything when we're upset.  It is just so hard to not come up with a reason (even if its just in my head) why Chases point even if it is a good point...may not be the best point (the best point of view being my own of course).

 Do you think it is easy to have good communication if you will not completely open up your heart to what your spouse is saying and feeling?  I am here to tell you that it is not easy, and maybe not even possible.

Communication even when you are not upset still takes effort.  I have learned though that the effort that it takes is completely worth it.

I have also learned that it is so  important to be easy to love.

Don't get confused here...Chase loves me even when I am being difficult.  The fact that he proposed to me is evidence of that.  BUT I have found that when Chase does the dishes after dinner, organizes closets, vacuums, shaves his face, etc is it much much easier to love him.

SO after reading proper feeding of husbands and some intense trial and error I figured out that when I choose to be happy and make sure Chase knows it, bust out the pots and pans and actually cook and meal, keep my crazy inside, and pack a lunch for him now and then Chase returns the favor and does double the amount of nice things for me that I did for him.


Finally it is important to keep an eternal perspective.  (just in general for life really)

The other day I was distraught because I wanted to go bungee jumping this weekend and it didn't work out. At the same time Chase was distraught because he felt like school was punching him in the throat over and over and over again (don't worry Chase is managing to do well in all of his classes).  In the middle of our pity party Chase looked and me and said.

"Liz, why are we so upset? we have so many blessings...we are in a situation that very very few people are in.  We have so many things going for us right now and both of these things do not affect us at all even a little bit in the long run."

Holy guacamole I love this man.

     The End.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Today I was "that" lady

First of all last night was rough.  I have developed a sore throat over the last few days and last night...HOLY COW.  I felt all sorts of sick.  unfortunately however I had a test today at school and was not about to miss it so this morning I pretended I didn't feel sick, took a shower, reviewed...kind of, and dragged my butt to school.

AFTER I took the test (I felt SO nervous about it, but did get an 87%)  I got in the car to drive home and could not pretend that I felt fine one moment longer. I barely arrived home in safety,  walked in the door and immediately changed into my pajamas.  

After a short period of time spent lying on the coach praying Chase would show up with some ice in hand, (I am convinced that ice cream can in fact cure sickness) I realized that I was being very unrealistic and needed to step up, take the bull by the horns, and take care of myself.

SO after looking in my fridge and pantry a few times and realizing that we had nothing that I desired (ie ice cream, hot chocolate, Delicious sugar cereal, herbal tea, orange juice) I decided that I would go to the store.  I also decided that there was no way that I was changing out of my flannel winter PJs....and so, that is how I became "that" lady.

I did in fact get some looks at the store but I am not sure if it was because I live in AZ and it was somewhere near 100 degrees outside and I was in flannel PJs or if was because I had a basket with cinnamon toasters, OJ, tea, hot chocolate, and other sugary things.

And that is how I I became that lady

The End

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What drives me crazy

First of all I have NEVER liked running late.  I feel like I am running late if I don't arrive ten minutes early.  I basically go into a wild frenzy and start running around like a chicken with my head cut off when behind schedule.  

and that is exactly what happened on Saturday.  

Every week we split a bountiful basket with our good friends the Warcups.  I pick it up every Saturday morning usually around 7am.  This is never a problem because I wake up around 6:15, 6:30.  BUT this Saturday I found myself rolling out of bed at 7:15.  Chase looked at me and asked "what time are you going to get the bountiful basket" 

And that's when I went into panic mode.  I proceeded to throw on any and every item of clothing I could find told Chase he had to drive me (I am blind without contacts and decided I didn't have time to put them in...) and called Mrs Kelsie Warcup.  

why did I call her? 
no idea

this is how our conversation went

Me- "Kelsie I just woke up and maybe you can go to the school to pick up the basket you live a lot closer but actually Chase and I are leaving right now to get it and we will get it because I will call and have someone wait if they are willing for a couple minutes sorry if I woke you up you can go back to sleep " (all in one breath)

Kelsie- in a very tired voice "what? okay, thanks Liz"

So I arrived at the elementary school to pick up our basket and finally looked down at what I was wearing.  I had on a backwards inside out shirt, Chase's corduroy shorts, mismatched shoes, and my hair was in a crazy messy ballerina bun that had been slept on. 

The ladies who were waiting for me took one look at me, burst into laughter, and instantly forgave me.  THANK GOODNESS!

the end

Friday, September 14, 2012

You might as well just call me Avril Lavigne

This morning my friend Esther and I decided to Shred the gnar at the skate park on our roller blades.

translation "A snowboarding and surfing term. Extreme riding"  (I know it might not be the right context,  I am not quite cool enough to completely know honestly"

How did it go?  well I didn't fall on my face.  or rear.  Turns out that Esther is actually awesome and made me look like a newb.  But I did get brave enough to drop in (Which seriously is a big deal for me!!!) AND we are heading back again next week! (Maybe a trick or two in the future?)

We did however start to feel a little un cool when the pros showed up in their beanies doing all sorts of tricks (don't get me wrong I dig me some hipster style but we live in Glendale AZ and its over 100 degrees everyday)

 eventually I looked down at my tie die socks and goodwill roller blades and decided to get out of there.  I will say though that those hipster skater dudes were super nice and encouraging...but please let the park be empty when we go back.

Next on my to do list for today was grocery shopping...the BAIN of my existence.  After scrubbing the kitchen, painting my toe nails, and watching THREE episodes of the office... I got my online coupons and list of adds from other grocery stores to price match.

BUT before I dragged my rear out the front door I decided to take of my bad attitude and shove it in the closet.  Maybe I can use it another time...we will see.

So anyways I had a short session of Beatles karoke in my car on the way to the store.  And long shopping trip story short.  I felt like a warrior princess walking around in my wanna be pink converse tennis shoes, and Chase's shirt with my own face on it saving money like a pro.  Who is cool now to cool for school skater dudes?

AND to top my day off I have finally at long last convinced Chase to come climbing with me and get buy one get one free frozen yogurts.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I woke up this morning feeling like P Diddy

So! I was looking over my New Years resolutions that I made this year and decided to blog about it for memories sake.  And I just gotta say that I am not doing all to bad!!

Goal #1- Reading the Ensign every month

While I can not say that I have read every Ensign in the month that it came out I have been reading them.  So I am not considering this a complete failure

Goal #2- Work on an attribute of Christ every month 

I have not stuck to the order of my schedule of attributes but I have in fact been working on this!  woo woo!

Goal #3- Read my scriptures 10 minutes everyday

I am really bummed about this one.  While I do read my scriptures most days I will admit that while traveling I missed a couple days and now and then for whatever reason I forget to read my scriptures on Sunday morning... weird I know. 

Goal #4- Be able to do the splits!

I have not achieved this yet but I am working hard.  I had a minor set back of a broken ankle and could not stretch as much as I needed for a good 6-7 months.  (I know I know every excuse is a choice to fail) 

Goal# 5- Try a new recipe every month

I have totally embraced this one.  I have tried more than just one recipe a month for most months.  I will say that baking may never be a strong point for me but my cooking becomes more and more edible all the time.  I do however have minor accidents in the kitchen A LOT.
i.e. in the last week I have accidentally placed my hand on a hot stove and chopped  a nice gash into my finger.  yikes. 

Goal # 6- Run in a race

This goal will be completed November 17th.  I know I am cutting it close but again... broken ankle. 

Anyways I hope Ya'll are doing great accomplishing this years goals!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I LOVE AMERICA...anyone want to climb with me?

So here I am in AZ

John and Daniel I miss you guys SO MUCH you guys are for sure in my top 5 picks for brothers;)
(see what I did there?)

anyways why do I say this?

I am getting real real tired of going climbing alone.  Not to mention that I would love to top rope now and then.

Please come visit me??

this is not to say that I can't coerce people to come try it out with me now and again. (and It is ALWAYS a blast for everyone guys so feel free to join me)  But remember how you guys are willing to go everyday?

and that is me complaining.

Look how beautiful God made you guys

Don't forget to say your thank yous to God tonight and every night for our freedom

Friday, September 7, 2012

"No, I really do have a machete in the back of my car..."

You know those times in life when someone catches you doing something no one was ever supposed to see?  Like the time I thought Spaghetti cans would make great hand weights for a walk... 
Or! when I shaved off part of my eyebrow (once again hallelujah I didn't slice my face open) 

well today...thankfully no one caught me doing anything weird. BUT I once again got caught at a security check point with a "weapon"....crap 


SO!  I don't know If I have ever blogged about this but long story short.
I once visited my bff in Boise ID 
During the fun filled week a knife ended up in my purse (for cake cutting)
I forgot about the knife and headed to the airport to fly home on 9/11 2007
 A little freaky? check.
Can you guess what happened???
FIRST of all I was "randomly selected for a pat down
during the pat down a beeper went off on the baggage ex-ray thing
they brought my purse over, pulled out the knife and proceeded to question me...

Looking back I strongly doubt they suspected me of anything but they did have to do a mandatory search of the rest of my belongings.  oops.

and just wondering, does anyone know if it is a coincidence that I have never fully made it through an airport without having something searched or tested since?


This morning I headed to help my boss Warren teach soccer at a preschool.  The preschool was at a USAA facility and so to get in you have to show your ID.  Because of this Warren wanted to meet me across the street so I could follow him to the exact place inside of the USAA grounds where we were teaching.  This is how our conversation went

Warren-- "Hey Liz just have your ID out so he can check it.  The security guard will ask you if you have any weapons as well, it's no big deal"

Me--"Okay cool...I actually do have a machete in my trunk"

Warren--"haha alright well just follow me in"

Me--"...... I really have a machete in my trunk"

Warren--"wait you are being serious?"

Me--"I know right...who keeps a machete in the back of their that going to be okay?"


Me--"should I hide it? (in my brain cursing myself for saying this out loud,  what a stupid thing to say right?)

Warren--"No, No! you for sure don't want to hide it"

Me--" (in my brain still cursing myself for saying that out loud) "let me just double check to be sure its actually there" after checking..."It's still there"

Warren-- who is now out of his car and looking in my trunk "maybe we need to start re thinking who we have as our coaches haha"  "This is with a lot of camping stuff I am sure it will be okay"

Me--In my head I am thinking..what kind of camping does this guy do? all that is here is a machete, 2 chairs, and 2 car 72 hour kits. "Okay lets go sorry about this Warren"

Warren explained about my machete at the check point.  The guard checked something in his little house room and let me in...phewsh.  And can I just say that maybe this does not seem embarrassing but it was SO embarrassing...this was my new boss for crying out loud!  fail!

I know what you're thinking...something like "What the heck is Liz doing with a machete in her trunk is she a killer? does she think she might go on a jungle expedition at any moment?"  

welp.. I just don't have a good answer.  We got it for Christmas...and the trunk has until now, seemed like a good home for it.  

                                                                              The End

Monday, July 30, 2012

and one year later...

We still love each other!!!

Happy Anniversary to us:)  We did most of our celebrating last Thursday after a canceled 4 day 3 night hiking trip due to was a very sad day but we will make it to Havasu Falls in the fall

SO we spent the day at the lake kayaking and swimming.  It was so beautiful after hiking around the lake we found a nice little cove all to ourselves, this is what it looked like

Yes, that is Chase in the water.  And those are in fact my beautiful chacos
Thursday really was a great day!

and today our actual anniversary?
we headed back to the lake with some new found friends and had a picnic. This evening we went out for Sushi.. turns out I am crazy about Sushi just in time for us to go into ultra poor mode...dangit

and finally

we are settling in for some Survivor Man on Netflix.  WOO WOO

p.s. Happy first day of school tomorrow Doctor Moffat

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yes I am LDS, no it is not against our religion to eat chocolate

Our new friend Allie was kind enough to clarify the chocolate thing to one of her co workers...thanks Al!

So our latest discovery? We LOVE waking up early...  If you know Chase personally you may have just laughed aloud or assumed I am being sarcastic, I can assure you I am not.

I think the idea of being awake and functional became a lot more realistic after we got our new bed.  Why did no one previously tell us that memory foam mattresses are made from angel clouds laced with powerful sleeping medication?  I literally have watched Chase get out of bed with immediate pep in his step ready to dance his way through the day.  That's right I am talking about CHASE the same Chase who would wake up and go through the first few hours of the morning in complete confusion.  I can not count the number of confusing things the man has said or the ridiculous things that he has done after first waking up.

So after a week of waking up on our own between 6-7 (it helps that we have been in the East all summer) Chase and I sort of mutually agreed to start waking up at 6 on weekdays and 6:30 on weekends.  So we got up this morning (that's right a Saturday morning) at 6:20 and I can not tell you how productive we feel.

We have many reasons for this but the resolve to be healthier is a big factor. YAY EARLY MORNINGS!

Thats all for our apt keeps looking better and better!!!

oh and ps I got Chase to do some yoga with me yesterday!! woowoo!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I love Chase St

Hello, here we now are in Glendale AZ.  This is where you will find us for the next 3 to 4 years (WOOOHOOOO!!!).  Chase is starting med school here at Midwestern University in about a week.  aka consider me a widower who lost her lover temporarily to the ever present call of studying, lecture halls, labs, more studying and boards.

anywho..... before the summer started and we headed out to NC Chase and I packed up all of our belongings (which I might add fit into TWO Honday Civic car loads) and unpacked them into the smallest storage unit available.
   SO as you may or may not be able to imagine when we arrived here a few days ago it did not take us long to drag all of our belongings up the flight of stairs into our brand spanking new apartment.

The next few days went as follows

First of all we had a blast going through wedding gifts for the THIRD time.  The best part about it was that we actually got to open them for use:)

Then to my delight WE BUILT A FORT!
That night we went to the store for a few basic things we needed and did not have.  i.e a vacuum cleaner, shower curtain, dish detergent etc...THAT was when I started to get worried...

there we were looking at shower curtain LINERS in Walmart.   The first 10 min of Chase debating which shower curtain LINER was best for us was fairly funny.  When it started to drag on closer to 20 min (As Chase would say he is very thorough) I started to get extremely worried about what the next day had in store for us.  The next day was the day we planned on shopping for and acquiring most of the furniture we needed for our apartment... things like a bed, couches, desk and so on.   I felt myself starting to panic, stores like IKEA take long enough when you don't plan on buying anything and I was going in unarmed and a little unprepared. 

Luckily I could channel my thoughts towards the awesome fort that Chase and I were going to sleep in that night.  I was so sure that I was never going to have a better nights sleep.  After all I was finally getting Chase to sleep in a legit fort with me.  

TURNS OUT I am getting old.  Don't get me wrong of course it was not to bad...after all we were in a fort... that I built... BUT I will not claim that night to be the best nights sleep I have ever had.  

so let me fast forward past biting the bullet and renting a budget truck, our 6 hour shopping spree in IKEA, and the 2 hours in Ashley furniture (did I mention losing my cell phone in a couch) to the down side of IKEA's inexpensive attractive easy to get home furniture.  


which I'll admit the first 6 hours of that is not even that bad.  You feel fairly accomplished when you put together a side table, dresser, couch, chair, lamps, and help with a tv stand.  It's just that after your thumb prints wear off you really don't feel like doing it anymore... I probably am just a baby though I have not heard Chase complain this whole time.  

I do have to say though the last few days Chase and I really have had a lot of fun... It's been fun to work hard side by side and to laugh with him.  I love that guy

and here is a sneak peak we are not completely finished but its looking good so far:)
(oh and I just took these pictures and did not even try to be artistic, not to mention its dark out)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Remembering you are great

When I first started to really love Chase.  I mean REALLY REALLY love Chase and the first thoughts of...Is this someone I should marry? started coming to my mind I would makes lists of qualities I thought were important in a husband and and qualities Chase had and then match them up.

Something that was on my list that was never taught to me directly at home, church, or other examples (but was always taught indirectly) was something that Chase has.  It's something I realized I was always surrounded with my whole life.  In my family, the friends I chose, and all of my role models.

He is not afraid of being great.

Something that I think holds back so many people from their greatest potential and even HALF of their potential is their own fear of being great.

Chase is not afraid of being great.  He sees something he wants and goes and gets it.  He does not get angry if he fails at first of loses to someone else.  He just trudges on analyzing, learning, and evaluating his own progress.  I know no one with his stamina.  If you lost at a board game that last 45 min a round 4 times in a row would you want to keep playing until you figured out how to win?  If you would would you do it with a smile on your face while being a good sport? maybe you would, and good for you:)

some other people in my life who are not afraid?

How about that little brother of mine.  once upon a time when he was 10 or 11 he asked for a kite from ebay online from my Mom.  Little did she know that it was a kite boarding training kite that came with a how to video.  Through teasing not living near water or wind and the expectations and lack of money on our families end He got his first sponsor (for kite boarding) when he was 16 and now at age 19 is on a professional international kite boarding team.  My brother is cool ( I know I talk about his a lot) and he is also not afraid of greatness

What about my Mom?  she has lost somewhere near 115 120 lbs (I am really not sure how much) and for her birthday this year I ordered her a size Large shirt! (I wear a medium fyi) what a babe.  She decided she was not afraid of greatness either.

My other siblings?  also great in other very different ways.  Daniel? He is the best of all of us.  The man is hard working, never wavers, kind to everyone, fun, he is the best listener and most thoughtful person I know.  seriously girls if you have a shot with this man don't waste it.  Jacob, another sweet fearless sibling.  He is not afraid to be himself and stand up for whats right ever.  He also knows how to make everyone laugh...AND He has better swimming technique than any of us ever had.  Rob? Another person in my life who has decided to take control of their health.  He has started running like a mad man.  Also he knows technology like no one else I know.  and Aaron!! talk about self control.  I always know I can count on him to do the best he can with what he has.  Responsibility is this guys middle name.

And Daddy? where do you think we learned how to be so great?  I am fairly sure that all of our focus and drive (aka stubbornness) came from this guy.  It was nice to grow up knowing that this amazing man had our backs always.

I really love my family, And I really love that they are all such great examples for me.  I love how different we all are.

All of the people in my life are so brave.  It takes a lot to push yourself and make a difference in the world.  And that's what we all intend to do.

(I am not about to proof read my post, sorry Chase I know their are probably a lot of mistakes)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my hair is blonde my hair is blonde my hair is blonde not really blonde, it has highlights...I wanted it to look lighter....AND it does.

You know there is a big change to your hair when boys notice that you rarely even see....

ANYWAYS It's different and my goal is to like it by the end of 2 weeks.

I don't know how great of quality this picture is but here you go!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I am better than the girl of his dreams, I'm real

First of all.  I Love Glee...sorry Mom, but it's time you know that you are by far a better human being than I. I know at time it is inappropriate.  but I think some things about it are hilarious.  anywho

Anyways! It sometimes blows my mind how uneducated so many people are about health.  SO! if you have knowledge share it! more importantly apply it to yourself:)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Dad is so Rad

I love my Dad.  A LOT!

I hope he never gets shot.

I very much resemble him,

and I know he loves my every limb.

He taught me what a man should be,

On the hunt for my man it was a helpful key.

Thanks for making me who I am today,

I have confidence and love for myself and others in every way.

Last but not least...really the most important thing,

thanks for teaching me to put first and always love our King.

from me to you Papa bear.
Love, lil Beth

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The world is lovely

okay... so I have totally dropped the ball on blogging this summer...again.

BUT here I go in an attempt to capture this summers essence in one small to medium size post.

FIRST I'm just going to say it...everyone else is thinking it anyways.  mating season hit my friend list hard this year.  Four of my friends in NC are prego along with my bff Tamra a few of my friends back West and a couple of Chases friends wives as well.  And I am so happy for each and everyone of them!!!

**ladies if you are one of the few and far between that are not Prego feel free to meet with the recently founded non pregnant club.  We meet in the hot tub every chance we get....;)

SECOND being bunk buddies with our good friends Jonny and Emilee has been so fun!!! (at least for Emi and I)  We are always finding awesomely stupid things to do.   For instance planing a blind fold date for our super babe husbands, Henna Tattoos, Dance videos, countless dinners, workouts, store excursions, clothes shopping, and this girl even stood watch for me after watching an all to disturbing csi episode and couldn't find the courage to go home and change alone.  Thanks Em:):)

THIRD becoming such great friends with all the other wives out here!!!!! Everyone is so fun!!! shout out to Erin, Lindsay, and Corinne I had some of the bests nights ever with you and Emi.  (oh and fyi we are currently all anxiously awaiting Corinnes baby to arrive at any moment!!!!)

FOURTH.....IM IN LOVE!!!!! Thank goodness right?  I love to take a step back and laugh at my relationship with this wonderful man.   I used to think we were so similar.  But guess what we are very different in all the right ways and seem to balance ourselves out well.  For instance... Chase drives 10 miles under the speed limit so I drive 10ish... miles over:) PERFECTION!!

FIFTH North Carolina has seriously grown on me.  I was just outside admiring the stars and the last of the sunset reflecting on the clouds and it hit me hard that I have really grown to love it here.  The trees the beaches the fireflies.  As much as I love and miss the mountains I would be a happy girl winding up back east somewhere.  (I might be singing a different tune if it was more humid today)

SIXTH I love roller coasters!!!!!!!! and last Saturday we went to Kings dominion home of quite a few brilliant coasters!!! one of them makes most people (myself included) get very close to blacking out!!! WHOA!

okay well... Chase is home the game is on...and I am on his computer...need I say more???

Have a blessed day:)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This one is for you Katie (Video journal #2)

I would like to thank Sarah, Jen, Corinne, Lindsay, Emi, Ryan, Adam, the man with the hairy chest and Jodi for making this video possible. 
I call this...The art of dance.

Friday, April 6, 2012

My mom is a rock star

My Mom is a rock star.

that woman in the middle...that's MY mom.

yep she is Hot.

OH and this

  is MY brother.
this is kite boarding magazine he is on an international pro team.  he is 19 AND growing up we did not live close to resources that allowed this to easily happen for him

what can you learn from these two family members of mine?

seriously if you set your mind to it you can accomplish anything.

did you hear me???? ANYTHING!!!
how many obstacles did both of these people face? countless....and I mean that with all my heart.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Video Journal #1

Okay! so awhile ago I decided to start a video far I have not been the best at it.  I feel as though nothing has happened in my life really since I have decided to do this but here is part 1 of my first one!!! woohoo, some of these are slides btw
ps this is a little embarrassing hope you're not a hard core empathizer 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Whats your therapy?

so....I know you love to hear about my life with a broken ankle so...

where to begin!

It seems everyone does something for themselves that keeps them sane.  for instance...I used to work out hard...
I will admit that I have figured out how to work out with a broken ankle. but that mad man satan always seems to remind me that I can't do a whole lot of the things I love....I know I know, get the heck out of my head dude!!!

anywho today I discovered a new form of therapy...get ready for it... CLEANING!
I do love a clean living space and throughout the day I keep things tidy
but I am talking dusting, crawling in the back of cupboards, organizing your sock drawer kind of cleaning.  The kind of cleaning that I never associated with words like enjoyable...

I have had friends who have told me of their finding comfort in cleaning, and my good friend Monica Gellar is an extreme clean freak.  Who knew I would ever be able to understand.

Why did I need this therapy?  sometimes you just do;)

Oh also doodling awesome family portraits in your journal is a good one.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

As Mrs. Leavitt says...most of these are silly

unless they are from your FREAKIN BEST FRIEND!
here are the rules:
1. post these rules.
2. post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. go to their blog and tell them they've been tagged.


1. What is one talent that you have but usually keep to yourself?
I feel weird even writing it now but...believe it or not I am pretty musical.  I have always had a good ear and can pick up quickly on most things music.  If I have the drive I can learn to play many many things on the piano (I took lessons for like 8 years when I was a young en), and I get better at the guitar daily.  AND I have always claimed my voice isn't great but guess what...I have recorded myself singing and playing the guitar and it sounds great! (so i think) ...but yeah...even if you ask some of my really good friends they wouldn't describe me as musical even a little bit.  
2. What was one of your favorite Halloween costumes you've ever worn? 
My Mom made me this AMAZING Bell costume in 8th grade.  it rocked!!!  
3. What's the last dream that you remember having?
I don't remember really, but a few months ago I had a sweet dream about helping Ninja turtles fight crime.  (as I am writing these things I realize how nerdy I am)
4. Have you ever met a celebrity?
I met David Archuletta!!!!! IN THE TEMPLE!!!!!!
5. Favorite EXOTIC animal?
I love animals... especially Beluga whals and puppies 
6. Favorite high school memory?
highschool was oh so fun...but I loved getting into trouble everyday after school with Tamra and Chynna my Sophmore year.  We did way to many stupid things together...
7. What is your dream job?
It would be cool to be an ESPN anchor woman.  OR a trainer on the Biggest Loser but without the tv cameras
8. Favorite TV show growing up?
9. Do you love mini cadberry eggs as much as I do?
Given the chance maybe
10. Can you hula hoop?
11. Why do you blog?
At first I was just bored.  Then I realized that I just wanted people to hear about the funny things that happened in my Family.  Now I do it so my mom can keep better tabs on me;) and its FUN

so....I liked Karlys questions so they can be yours

I tag YOU

Ammon and Tamra are bloggin it. 

Life with my Boys.

The good life.

good luck ladies:)

Southern hospitality

Here we are again in North Carolina!!!

the drive out here this year although faster (we played a lot less) was still an adventure.

No, we didn't blow a tire in the middle of a torrential downfall with tornado sirens filling our ears.   (Thank goodness)

but I did introduce Chase to the wonders of southern antique shops...HE LOVED IT! recently I introduced him to the awesomeness of Goodwill, but I think he liked the antique shop even better:)

personally I get a rush from walking through the isles wondering about the previous owners and the many adventures they surely had:) Surprisingly I don't even dwell on the germs very much.

anywho I didn't blog very much last summer...I didn't have internet and I was super busy dealing with my new found love for Chase friggen Moffat:)  But I have vowed that this summer will be very different THIS IS WHY

there are 10+ wives coming out this year...what does this mean? It means that I will not spend my days alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I prayed that I could learn to love it out here and my prayers were answered in more ways than one.   It was always hard for me when Chase would carry on about loving NC sooooo much and all his amazing memories, and how he would love to live here.  When if I would even think about NC I got a feeling of disgust.  (yes I know that I am immature and dramatic Mom)

well I decided to have a great time here:) and so far so good!! It really is so beautiful here and the Moxie crew have really become my good/great friends.  Who was I kidding? last year I should have been so great full that they took a strange hippie girl into their circle of friendship with open arms. AND the weather outside right now is 84 degrees....that's not so bad either.

Oh and the people here and along the way.... ROCK! we truly met some gems...and I mean it.

We stopped in OK and saw my Brother his beautiful wife and my ADORABLE nephew:)

we stopped somewhere in Texas it was so late at night I am not sure if Chase knows where it was either.  It did smell like cows when we woke up:)

We went to dinner on Music Bl. in Nashville.  IT WAS AWESOME! seriously if you're driving through there please stop:)

We stayed the night in what looked like a giant southern mansion right outside Gaitlenburg TN (highly recommend this place it was inexpensive and BEAUTIFUL!

Oh and stop in Gaitlenburg too its awesome.

and the smokey mountains... always take the long way y'all the smokey's are gorgeous gorgeous

anyways.  I love my Husband:) I loved having an adventure with him across the USA again. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Did it myself felt flower wreath

who knew felt flowers were so easy!!!

probably a lot of yall (I am in the South as of last Thursday) 

...okay I admit it the first 5 I made took quite a while and a bit of trial and error...but seriously not much!!! 

                                                                     all you need??

loved doing this

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Crusin in Cabo

the cruise was SO FUN! 

I think especially because we were with 167 other Moxie members most of which are our friends, some of which are our very good friends. 

crusin? was a great time! the only complaint I had was not being a big fan of the food.  Turns out I am way picky.

Cabo? we explored it on scooters, hit up a sketchy taco bus, got a $20 hour massage, held a baby jaguar, para sailed, went snorkeling,  ate at a restaurant where the shopping came to us, and applied a whole lot of 75 spf.  

Friday, February 24, 2012


Tomorrow we leave for San Diego.  The day after that we board a boat that will take us to CABO!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!

just so my Mama knows.  I bought hypoallergenic 75spf water proof sunscreen.  Why? well I have skin that breaks out as quickly as a 14 year old and despite my ability to tan faster than 90% of Caucasian  Americans,  I decided that I don't want to be leathery and wrinkly sooner than later.

so there it is.  My name is Liz I have been known to love tan skin.  I am still convinced that I look way prettier/skinnier the more tan I am.  BUT! Heavenly father has given me a beautiful body that I need to respect.  So while I will not in any way be avoiding the sun this upcoming week I WILL be protecting it.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

He paints my toes

Today I was about to paint my toes when Chase offered to help me.  The man did a great job too!

Oh and I tried these pants on as a joke but ended up secretly LOVING them.  they were comfy and so warm
(they are made of sweat pant sorta stuff
oh and yes I have gone shopping more than once with this temporary disability.   I feel hard core, especially since shopping is not on my top 25 list of favorite things to do.

3 more days until I am in a boot!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dear Diary

Basically I decided I needed to write a couple things down.  I stink at keeping a journal and maybe this sorta replaces it?


Dear Diary
              I just wanted to tell you how much Chase and I laugh when I for some reason decide to wear skinny jeans OVER my cast that almost reaches my knee.  At the end of the day I have to hold on to something while he pulls them off of me.  What is it people say? beauty takes sacrifice!

            I also wanted to tell you that I am a hot head.  HALLELUJAH Chase is not.  for instance... this morning I stuffed the cloths I wanted to wear after the shower under my shirt for easier transportation (you can not carry anything easily while using crutches) after making it halfway up the stairs (not an easy feat) I realized that I forgot to put on pants....this enraged me! so I went back down the stairs and back to our bed.  At this point my clean cloths were falling out of my shirt so I threw them on the ground and threw myself on the bed.  Chase...I am pretty sure was laughing at me.  Why and the world would anyone waste there life being angry about that? shoot.

          Oh.... and this is personal so naturally I will write about it on my blog...I have not been using one of my legs for a little over a month now.  and...I have developed cottage cheese bum on one side. DANGIT!  I may or may not been legitimately upset about this at first.  Big world problems right?

I am sure there is more.  but that's all for now.  have a good one!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

(read this one its good) I have no pride. EXCEPT in my mama

SO! first of all my Mama is THE BEST! she sent me a package with my favorite shirt and...
Sometimes I realize that I am a lot like her in some ways.

OH! and shout out to her!!!! on her weight loss journey which she has lost over 100+lbs (That's what it was at Christmas and I have not really asked her her exact number since) she realized that she is now in normal clothing sizes! GO MAMA P!

AND this unstoppable woman shocked me a few days ago by telling me that her and my Dad have decided to go on a cruise. A CRUISE! my parents on a cruise, at least I think they are my parents.  They look and smell like my parents...

Okay...and now you can get to know me just a little bit better
maybe you already know that I have no shame.
In some areas of life I just sorta do what feels right even if its humiliating what?

the classic example?  I once delivered phone books (which is not so bad) but my friend and I borrowed a shopping cart and pushed it around neighborhoods FULL of phone books.  Neighborhoods I might add that had many of my friends probably indoors comfortably playing video games or laying by the pool all summer long.

OR maybe playing the X Box Kinect dancing game last night...with a cast on...with Chases Moxie recruits that I probably should be making the best impression possible.

heres a taste
and below is the video

Have a WONDERFUL day.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Renting vs. Buying +(hoover) Dam pictures

Anyone ever bought a home?

welp, turns out its a LOT of work.  Maybe I am the only person that didn't know this.  Or maybe I am being dramatic because EVERYTHING seems to be harder when you can't use one of your legs.

anyways thank goodness Chase is in my life.  I am grateful yet again that he is CDO (OCD alphabetized) because he has spent countless hours the last four months researching how to go about buying a home and making most of the phone calls to get our finances in order just in case that is in fact what we decide to do.

why do I bring this up now?  we just got back to Utah from a visit to AZ to get to know the area and look at homes.  We had SO MUCH fun!  basically I am the stair master.  can you go up and down stairs all day on crutches? (turns out I broke my ankle I'll have to blog about that later) oh and the winter weather there isn't so bad.

I am feeling a little scatter brained right now but here is a link to a really good website for insights on buying a home.

and here are our Dam pictures

                                                 dam good looking couple
                                               Chase and his Dam hat
                                                 Touring with dam style