Saturday, March 3, 2012

Crusin in Cabo

the cruise was SO FUN! 

I think especially because we were with 167 other Moxie members most of which are our friends, some of which are our very good friends. 

crusin? was a great time! the only complaint I had was not being a big fan of the food.  Turns out I am way picky.

Cabo? we explored it on scooters, hit up a sketchy taco bus, got a $20 hour massage, held a baby jaguar, para sailed, went snorkeling,  ate at a restaurant where the shopping came to us, and applied a whole lot of 75 spf.  


  1. you lucky duck! that sounds like a stinkin' blast!

  2. I just did a girly squeal!! I'm going on a cruise in May and this got me over the top excited!! It sounds like you had the best time.. And holding a baby jaguar?? Jealous!!