Thursday, March 15, 2012

Southern hospitality

Here we are again in North Carolina!!!

the drive out here this year although faster (we played a lot less) was still an adventure.

No, we didn't blow a tire in the middle of a torrential downfall with tornado sirens filling our ears.   (Thank goodness)

but I did introduce Chase to the wonders of southern antique shops...HE LOVED IT! recently I introduced him to the awesomeness of Goodwill, but I think he liked the antique shop even better:)

personally I get a rush from walking through the isles wondering about the previous owners and the many adventures they surely had:) Surprisingly I don't even dwell on the germs very much.

anywho I didn't blog very much last summer...I didn't have internet and I was super busy dealing with my new found love for Chase friggen Moffat:)  But I have vowed that this summer will be very different THIS IS WHY

there are 10+ wives coming out this year...what does this mean? It means that I will not spend my days alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I prayed that I could learn to love it out here and my prayers were answered in more ways than one.   It was always hard for me when Chase would carry on about loving NC sooooo much and all his amazing memories, and how he would love to live here.  When if I would even think about NC I got a feeling of disgust.  (yes I know that I am immature and dramatic Mom)

well I decided to have a great time here:) and so far so good!! It really is so beautiful here and the Moxie crew have really become my good/great friends.  Who was I kidding? last year I should have been so great full that they took a strange hippie girl into their circle of friendship with open arms. AND the weather outside right now is 84 degrees....that's not so bad either.

Oh and the people here and along the way.... ROCK! we truly met some gems...and I mean it.

We stopped in OK and saw my Brother his beautiful wife and my ADORABLE nephew:)

we stopped somewhere in Texas it was so late at night I am not sure if Chase knows where it was either.  It did smell like cows when we woke up:)

We went to dinner on Music Bl. in Nashville.  IT WAS AWESOME! seriously if you're driving through there please stop:)

We stayed the night in what looked like a giant southern mansion right outside Gaitlenburg TN (highly recommend this place it was inexpensive and BEAUTIFUL!

Oh and stop in Gaitlenburg too its awesome.

and the smokey mountains... always take the long way y'all the smokey's are gorgeous gorgeous

anyways.  I love my Husband:) I loved having an adventure with him across the USA again. :)


  1. North Carolina is going to be a BLAST!!!!!!!!!! We will have so much fun this summer! Glad you guys made it safe! See ya SOON!! :)

  2. whooo whoooo! love that part :) yeee haawww