Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Whats your therapy?

so....I know you love to hear about my life with a broken ankle so...

where to begin!

It seems everyone does something for themselves that keeps them sane.  for instance...I used to work out hard...
I will admit that I have figured out how to work out with a broken ankle. but that mad man satan always seems to remind me that I can't do a whole lot of the things I love....I know I know, get the heck out of my head dude!!!

anywho today I discovered a new form of therapy...get ready for it... CLEANING!
I do love a clean living space and throughout the day I keep things tidy
but I am talking dusting, crawling in the back of cupboards, organizing your sock drawer kind of cleaning.  The kind of cleaning that I never associated with words like enjoyable...

I have had friends who have told me of their finding comfort in cleaning, and my good friend Monica Gellar is an extreme clean freak.  Who knew I would ever be able to understand.

Why did I need this therapy?  sometimes you just do;)

Oh also doodling awesome family portraits in your journal is a good one.

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