Friday, May 27, 2011


I used to have this picture in my room.  It was of a Ballerina doing this super legit leg extension and it had the words "anything is possible if you just believe"

When it was first put up it matched my whole room.  My room was AWESOME I had light pink walls ballerinas fairy wall paper and a white sheer canopy over my bed.  
If you can not tell I was and always will be a princess (according to Papa Bear)

eventually I no longer wanted my walls to be light pink.  and my room changed... lime green walls blue trim hot pink curtains
It was super legit
needless to say the ballerina no longer matched my room at all. BUT I wanted it still.  I can not even tell you why.

That ballerina was in my room for ten years almost.  telling me every day that anything IS possible if I just believe.  I accepted this as a fact.  I never questioned it.  Why would I?

On top of this my Mom has never once told me that I would not be able to accomplish anything.  I honestly can say that I know that she has faith in me that I can accomplish any task no matter how crazy or difficult it might be.  (thanks mom)

Because of this rarely do I even think about barriers and obstacles that might keep me from accomplishing any goal that I might have.

SO seriously.  think about it.  anything is possible if you just believe.  you can do whatever you set your mind to.

all you need is faith! complete  faith.  You just have to see yourself succeeding.  Whatever you find yourself lacking God can and will make up for it.

Philippians 4:13 look it up.  

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh how lovely was the morning

Turns out it is EXTREMLY difficult to blog when you don't have internet...

Saturday night a large group of friends and I went camping.  ( don't worry Mom the girls had a camp site that was far away from the men)

it was rad

This morning after we cleaned up camp Chase and I decided to walk around the lake.  It rocked.  We saw lots of people lovin life.  Fishing, laughing, relaxing. (I love people)

When we arrived at my apt My neighbor John was out having his hourly smoke.  I decided it was time to be his friend.  John, Chase, and I got to talking and we discovered how legit he is.  HE KNEW BILLY JOEL! and he often saw Jean Simmons... Oh and he is from scottland with a thick scottish accent.
Yeah I like him. 

Later gater

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Missing my Family

I decided to re publish one of my old posts. check it.

Stay calm carry on


Soon I will be moving across the country to good ol NC! I know I am going to have SO MUCH fun.  But I can't help be a little bit sad.  My little brothers make me laugh my face off, and it's always sad to leave your best friends (my brothers).  JEEZE THE WHEEZE! they are neat!

This is how our dinner conversation went tonight...(If you want to hold on to any belief that my family is normal don't read it)

warningslightly inappropriate

Tomorrow is Jacops birthday.  He will be out of the single digit numbers and be the big 1-0 (10) so!

"I like this new dress a lot but the only thing is it rides up when I sit down
"Oh I thought you were just doing that for me"

"Jake are you excited to recieve 10 birthday spankings?"
"Why would I want spankings on my birthday?"
"Its what happens on your birthday people spank you for however old you are"
"If you spank me I will spank you in your sleep!...and that hurts! don't!"
"Jake it's really not that bad, on my birthday maybe CM (You know who you are) will spank me ;)"
gag reflex

disclaimer: I really was just kidding!

and then naturally we moved on to conversation about death...

"Mom do you remember what I want my tombstone to look like?"
"!!!!!!!!I KNOW! glow in the dark!!!"
"When your father and I die we want to be buried one on top of the other, make sure I am face down with my hand in a fist with my thumb out pointing down....I always want my thumb on him"

(just saying but they have many jokes about this...You can only imagine)

"I heard about this new thing that they can do in place of cremation,  They inject you with this acid that eats you from the inside out and just disintegrates you..."

Thats when all of a sudden the steak I was eating stopped tasting good and I also tuned out trying to force my mind away from embalming people with acid that eats away at them...

We then had a very nice family birthday cake in the shape of a fish.  It took a few times of lighting the candles since my Dad likes to blow them out as many times as possible to push Mama Ps buttons.

OH! and!
I don't think I realized until recently that usually people don't reuse birthday candles.  When I was little I always had used ones because my brothers birthday is the day before mine.  Who knew?

I love this home.  I love these people.  I feel happy as a clam that they are mine.

quote: "Your future is as bright as your faith"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer :)

Life is good

Do you ever think about your life and what led you to where you are?
or maybe how different you are from the person you were a year ago?

what about your life plans? and how drastically those may have changed?

Yeah me too. 

...I just like this song. It feels like summer. 

"Never judge anyone, when you accept this you will be freed"    
- EB

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Bye Bruce

In loving memory of our fish. Bruce Sabastian Cunningham Perry Moffat

Adopted: May 7th 2011

Died: May 16th 2011

We will never forget the times we had together Bruce.  You stuck it out and stayed strong through the good and the bad never once abandoning us in a time of need.  We love you and wanted you to have nothing but the best. You never once took for granted the things that we gave you, the car, the shrubbery, the classy black rocks, and last but not least the lucky rock so strategically placed in your 1.5 gallon fish bowl.  We will go on with our lives because YOU have inspired us to be better. RIP

  • Bruces' death is not an indicator of our future parenting skills
  • murder is suspected (Mandan always spoke of his dislike towards Bruce)
  • His funeral took place May 16th 2011 10:50 PM Ashley Park Apts

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear fire flies. come out and play

Word on the street is that you don't come out hibernation until June.
These is me formally extending an invitation for you to come out and play.
thas all

Like everyone here seems to say... Have a blessed day:D

"avoid rush and hast and uncontrolled words. divine light develops in places of peace and quiet".- Eldber Busche

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Here I am sticking it to the man.

This morning I realized I had a choice to make.

A critical choice.  one that could make or break me.

So I sat on my bed scribbling out my thoughts organizing my mind and I decided.

ABOUT ME:  I have a weakness,  When I was younger I used to HATE being alone.  If I got in the shower and everyone was gone when I got out I would have a panic attack.  It didn't really matter who I was with I just wanted to be around someone else.  As I have gotten older I have grown to appreciate the time I have alone and I even need it sometimes BUT to this day. people give me energy.  The more people the more energy.  I hate to admit it.  But I rely probably a little bit to much on social interaction.

So as I considered that I will be spending quite a bit of time alone this summer I realized I could choose to be bummed out about it.


get super excited about the fact that I have this time to work on myself as a person! AND I have a lot of responsibility and things to take care of and I focus much much better when I do not have distractions.

So this is me appreciating how dang lucky I am once again.  God seriously takes care of me he is such a genius.

Stick it to the man (aka Lucifer)

"Be not so concerned about what you do, but what you do do with all your heart mind and strength, in thoroughness is satisfaction" - Elder Busche

Monday, May 2, 2011

Building trust with my MAN

Today was the day that Chase and I decided to purchase a baby fish.  His name was going to be Sebastion Bruce Cunningham Perry Moffat.

After my attempt at making pancakes for dinner... we decided to go claim our new friend.

BUT FIRST. I decided to blindfold Mr. Chase Moffat. 

So like a fool Chase let me guide him around Wal Mart with a blind fold. 
Yes, people stared
Yes, I left him alone for a little bit 
(under Mike Moffats instruction, I stood four feet away and almost cried from laughing)
I am a bully
Even after I left him alone he didn't take off his blind fold what a gent.
Yes, This boy is my all time favorite.
p.s. this Wal Mart does not sell fishies...

"Smile at everyone"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

East Coast Babay



NUGGETS! playoff game

 St. Louis

St. Louis (from the top of the arch

Mt Rushmore

THe St Louis Arch

Chase...Dickson Tennessee




I took all of these pictures (Chase was worried about people thinking he did), because I am creepy. 
AND because Chase let me be in charge of the camera
Think what you want

These pictures are NOT in order
Road tripping was LEGIT I strongly recommend it