Friday, May 27, 2011


I used to have this picture in my room.  It was of a Ballerina doing this super legit leg extension and it had the words "anything is possible if you just believe"

When it was first put up it matched my whole room.  My room was AWESOME I had light pink walls ballerinas fairy wall paper and a white sheer canopy over my bed.  
If you can not tell I was and always will be a princess (according to Papa Bear)

eventually I no longer wanted my walls to be light pink.  and my room changed... lime green walls blue trim hot pink curtains
It was super legit
needless to say the ballerina no longer matched my room at all. BUT I wanted it still.  I can not even tell you why.

That ballerina was in my room for ten years almost.  telling me every day that anything IS possible if I just believe.  I accepted this as a fact.  I never questioned it.  Why would I?

On top of this my Mom has never once told me that I would not be able to accomplish anything.  I honestly can say that I know that she has faith in me that I can accomplish any task no matter how crazy or difficult it might be.  (thanks mom)

Because of this rarely do I even think about barriers and obstacles that might keep me from accomplishing any goal that I might have.

SO seriously.  think about it.  anything is possible if you just believe.  you can do whatever you set your mind to.

all you need is faith! complete  faith.  You just have to see yourself succeeding.  Whatever you find yourself lacking God can and will make up for it.

Philippians 4:13 look it up.  

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