Thursday, May 19, 2011


Soon I will be moving across the country to good ol NC! I know I am going to have SO MUCH fun.  But I can't help be a little bit sad.  My little brothers make me laugh my face off, and it's always sad to leave your best friends (my brothers).  JEEZE THE WHEEZE! they are neat!

This is how our dinner conversation went tonight...(If you want to hold on to any belief that my family is normal don't read it)

warningslightly inappropriate

Tomorrow is Jacops birthday.  He will be out of the single digit numbers and be the big 1-0 (10) so!

"I like this new dress a lot but the only thing is it rides up when I sit down
"Oh I thought you were just doing that for me"

"Jake are you excited to recieve 10 birthday spankings?"
"Why would I want spankings on my birthday?"
"Its what happens on your birthday people spank you for however old you are"
"If you spank me I will spank you in your sleep!...and that hurts! don't!"
"Jake it's really not that bad, on my birthday maybe CM (You know who you are) will spank me ;)"
gag reflex

disclaimer: I really was just kidding!

and then naturally we moved on to conversation about death...

"Mom do you remember what I want my tombstone to look like?"
"!!!!!!!!I KNOW! glow in the dark!!!"
"When your father and I die we want to be buried one on top of the other, make sure I am face down with my hand in a fist with my thumb out pointing down....I always want my thumb on him"

(just saying but they have many jokes about this...You can only imagine)

"I heard about this new thing that they can do in place of cremation,  They inject you with this acid that eats you from the inside out and just disintegrates you..."

Thats when all of a sudden the steak I was eating stopped tasting good and I also tuned out trying to force my mind away from embalming people with acid that eats away at them...

We then had a very nice family birthday cake in the shape of a fish.  It took a few times of lighting the candles since my Dad likes to blow them out as many times as possible to push Mama Ps buttons.

OH! and!
I don't think I realized until recently that usually people don't reuse birthday candles.  When I was little I always had used ones because my brothers birthday is the day before mine.  Who knew?

I love this home.  I love these people.  I feel happy as a clam that they are mine.

quote: "Your future is as bright as your faith"

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