Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Here I am sticking it to the man.

This morning I realized I had a choice to make.

A critical choice.  one that could make or break me.

So I sat on my bed scribbling out my thoughts organizing my mind and I decided.

ABOUT ME:  I have a weakness,  When I was younger I used to HATE being alone.  If I got in the shower and everyone was gone when I got out I would have a panic attack.  It didn't really matter who I was with I just wanted to be around someone else.  As I have gotten older I have grown to appreciate the time I have alone and I even need it sometimes BUT to this day. people give me energy.  The more people the more energy.  I hate to admit it.  But I rely probably a little bit to much on social interaction.

So as I considered that I will be spending quite a bit of time alone this summer I realized I could choose to be bummed out about it.


get super excited about the fact that I have this time to work on myself as a person! AND I have a lot of responsibility and things to take care of and I focus much much better when I do not have distractions.

So this is me appreciating how dang lucky I am once again.  God seriously takes care of me he is such a genius.

Stick it to the man (aka Lucifer)

"Be not so concerned about what you do, but what you do do with all your heart mind and strength, in thoroughness is satisfaction" - Elder Busche

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  1. first of all you are never alone...I'm just a text away and...I've noticed over the years that we are blessed with down time because Holy Hannah hang onto your hat, something big is on the way...