Monday, May 2, 2011

Building trust with my MAN

Today was the day that Chase and I decided to purchase a baby fish.  His name was going to be Sebastion Bruce Cunningham Perry Moffat.

After my attempt at making pancakes for dinner... we decided to go claim our new friend.

BUT FIRST. I decided to blindfold Mr. Chase Moffat. 

So like a fool Chase let me guide him around Wal Mart with a blind fold. 
Yes, people stared
Yes, I left him alone for a little bit 
(under Mike Moffats instruction, I stood four feet away and almost cried from laughing)
I am a bully
Even after I left him alone he didn't take off his blind fold what a gent.
Yes, This boy is my all time favorite.
p.s. this Wal Mart does not sell fishies...

"Smile at everyone"

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