Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh how lovely was the morning

Turns out it is EXTREMLY difficult to blog when you don't have internet...

Saturday night a large group of friends and I went camping.  ( don't worry Mom the girls had a camp site that was far away from the men)

it was rad

This morning after we cleaned up camp Chase and I decided to walk around the lake.  It rocked.  We saw lots of people lovin life.  Fishing, laughing, relaxing. (I love people)

When we arrived at my apt My neighbor John was out having his hourly smoke.  I decided it was time to be his friend.  John, Chase, and I got to talking and we discovered how legit he is.  HE KNEW BILLY JOEL! and he often saw Jean Simmons... Oh and he is from scottland with a thick scottish accent.
Yeah I like him. 

Later gater

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