Thursday, July 5, 2012

Remembering you are great

When I first started to really love Chase.  I mean REALLY REALLY love Chase and the first thoughts of...Is this someone I should marry? started coming to my mind I would makes lists of qualities I thought were important in a husband and and qualities Chase had and then match them up.

Something that was on my list that was never taught to me directly at home, church, or other examples (but was always taught indirectly) was something that Chase has.  It's something I realized I was always surrounded with my whole life.  In my family, the friends I chose, and all of my role models.

He is not afraid of being great.

Something that I think holds back so many people from their greatest potential and even HALF of their potential is their own fear of being great.

Chase is not afraid of being great.  He sees something he wants and goes and gets it.  He does not get angry if he fails at first of loses to someone else.  He just trudges on analyzing, learning, and evaluating his own progress.  I know no one with his stamina.  If you lost at a board game that last 45 min a round 4 times in a row would you want to keep playing until you figured out how to win?  If you would would you do it with a smile on your face while being a good sport? maybe you would, and good for you:)

some other people in my life who are not afraid?

How about that little brother of mine.  once upon a time when he was 10 or 11 he asked for a kite from ebay online from my Mom.  Little did she know that it was a kite boarding training kite that came with a how to video.  Through teasing not living near water or wind and the expectations and lack of money on our families end He got his first sponsor (for kite boarding) when he was 16 and now at age 19 is on a professional international kite boarding team.  My brother is cool ( I know I talk about his a lot) and he is also not afraid of greatness

What about my Mom?  she has lost somewhere near 115 120 lbs (I am really not sure how much) and for her birthday this year I ordered her a size Large shirt! (I wear a medium fyi) what a babe.  She decided she was not afraid of greatness either.

My other siblings?  also great in other very different ways.  Daniel? He is the best of all of us.  The man is hard working, never wavers, kind to everyone, fun, he is the best listener and most thoughtful person I know.  seriously girls if you have a shot with this man don't waste it.  Jacob, another sweet fearless sibling.  He is not afraid to be himself and stand up for whats right ever.  He also knows how to make everyone laugh...AND He has better swimming technique than any of us ever had.  Rob? Another person in my life who has decided to take control of their health.  He has started running like a mad man.  Also he knows technology like no one else I know.  and Aaron!! talk about self control.  I always know I can count on him to do the best he can with what he has.  Responsibility is this guys middle name.

And Daddy? where do you think we learned how to be so great?  I am fairly sure that all of our focus and drive (aka stubbornness) came from this guy.  It was nice to grow up knowing that this amazing man had our backs always.

I really love my family, And I really love that they are all such great examples for me.  I love how different we all are.

All of the people in my life are so brave.  It takes a lot to push yourself and make a difference in the world.  And that's what we all intend to do.

(I am not about to proof read my post, sorry Chase I know their are probably a lot of mistakes)


  1. From Jacob: You have a pretty good "greatness" technique yourself!

  2. From Mom: I don't how "great" I am. But I have learned to be better by watching my amazing children. You are one of the great people too, you know. As for Chase.....Of course he is great. Someone as great as you would only marry someone truly great as well. I love and admire both of you. Can't wait to watch and see how much you guys bless this world!

  3. Chase has always been great! And hes never been afraid to seek it out. I know growing up with him has been so fun and inspirational, but as I've learned to be myself and accept my many many faults he has been nothing but accepting and understanding. He has always made me reach for more, always been a driving force in my life. At least until I met and married Matt!