Sunday, July 22, 2012

I love Chase St

Hello, here we now are in Glendale AZ.  This is where you will find us for the next 3 to 4 years (WOOOHOOOO!!!).  Chase is starting med school here at Midwestern University in about a week.  aka consider me a widower who lost her lover temporarily to the ever present call of studying, lecture halls, labs, more studying and boards.

anywho..... before the summer started and we headed out to NC Chase and I packed up all of our belongings (which I might add fit into TWO Honday Civic car loads) and unpacked them into the smallest storage unit available.
   SO as you may or may not be able to imagine when we arrived here a few days ago it did not take us long to drag all of our belongings up the flight of stairs into our brand spanking new apartment.

The next few days went as follows

First of all we had a blast going through wedding gifts for the THIRD time.  The best part about it was that we actually got to open them for use:)

Then to my delight WE BUILT A FORT!
That night we went to the store for a few basic things we needed and did not have.  i.e a vacuum cleaner, shower curtain, dish detergent etc...THAT was when I started to get worried...

there we were looking at shower curtain LINERS in Walmart.   The first 10 min of Chase debating which shower curtain LINER was best for us was fairly funny.  When it started to drag on closer to 20 min (As Chase would say he is very thorough) I started to get extremely worried about what the next day had in store for us.  The next day was the day we planned on shopping for and acquiring most of the furniture we needed for our apartment... things like a bed, couches, desk and so on.   I felt myself starting to panic, stores like IKEA take long enough when you don't plan on buying anything and I was going in unarmed and a little unprepared. 

Luckily I could channel my thoughts towards the awesome fort that Chase and I were going to sleep in that night.  I was so sure that I was never going to have a better nights sleep.  After all I was finally getting Chase to sleep in a legit fort with me.  

TURNS OUT I am getting old.  Don't get me wrong of course it was not to bad...after all we were in a fort... that I built... BUT I will not claim that night to be the best nights sleep I have ever had.  

so let me fast forward past biting the bullet and renting a budget truck, our 6 hour shopping spree in IKEA, and the 2 hours in Ashley furniture (did I mention losing my cell phone in a couch) to the down side of IKEA's inexpensive attractive easy to get home furniture.  


which I'll admit the first 6 hours of that is not even that bad.  You feel fairly accomplished when you put together a side table, dresser, couch, chair, lamps, and help with a tv stand.  It's just that after your thumb prints wear off you really don't feel like doing it anymore... I probably am just a baby though I have not heard Chase complain this whole time.  

I do have to say though the last few days Chase and I really have had a lot of fun... It's been fun to work hard side by side and to laugh with him.  I love that guy

and here is a sneak peak we are not completely finished but its looking good so far:)
(oh and I just took these pictures and did not even try to be artistic, not to mention its dark out)


  1. so fun! And please take more pictures like that of yourself for your records! You will not regret it. I don't think Mark and I have very many of when we were first married! And now that we're old timers I totally wish we had more... which is reminding me to take more of us, period.

    happy you guys are getting settled and looks like you managed to get out of Ikea with Chase with lots of purchases without too much trouble! Looks good

  2. wow it looks so awesome! and nice furniture! don't spill! haha i bet its so nice to be able to settle down and actually buy furniture and know you won't have to move it for a long time! love and miss youss!