Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yes I am LDS, no it is not against our religion to eat chocolate

Our new friend Allie was kind enough to clarify the chocolate thing to one of her co workers...thanks Al!

So our latest discovery? We LOVE waking up early...  If you know Chase personally you may have just laughed aloud or assumed I am being sarcastic, I can assure you I am not.

I think the idea of being awake and functional became a lot more realistic after we got our new bed.  Why did no one previously tell us that memory foam mattresses are made from angel clouds laced with powerful sleeping medication?  I literally have watched Chase get out of bed with immediate pep in his step ready to dance his way through the day.  That's right I am talking about CHASE the same Chase who would wake up and go through the first few hours of the morning in complete confusion.  I can not count the number of confusing things the man has said or the ridiculous things that he has done after first waking up.

So after a week of waking up on our own between 6-7 (it helps that we have been in the East all summer) Chase and I sort of mutually agreed to start waking up at 6 on weekdays and 6:30 on weekends.  So we got up this morning (that's right a Saturday morning) at 6:20 and I can not tell you how productive we feel.

We have many reasons for this but the resolve to be healthier is a big factor. YAY EARLY MORNINGS!

Thats all for our apt keeps looking better and better!!!

oh and ps I got Chase to do some yoga with me yesterday!! woowoo!

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  1. I'm more jealous than you might think about your memory foam bed. They truly are slices of heaven.