Monday, July 30, 2012

and one year later...

We still love each other!!!

Happy Anniversary to us:)  We did most of our celebrating last Thursday after a canceled 4 day 3 night hiking trip due to was a very sad day but we will make it to Havasu Falls in the fall

SO we spent the day at the lake kayaking and swimming.  It was so beautiful after hiking around the lake we found a nice little cove all to ourselves, this is what it looked like

Yes, that is Chase in the water.  And those are in fact my beautiful chacos
Thursday really was a great day!

and today our actual anniversary?
we headed back to the lake with some new found friends and had a picnic. This evening we went out for Sushi.. turns out I am crazy about Sushi just in time for us to go into ultra poor mode...dangit

and finally

we are settling in for some Survivor Man on Netflix.  WOO WOO

p.s. Happy first day of school tomorrow Doctor Moffat

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