Friday, September 14, 2012

You might as well just call me Avril Lavigne

This morning my friend Esther and I decided to Shred the gnar at the skate park on our roller blades.

translation "A snowboarding and surfing term. Extreme riding"  (I know it might not be the right context,  I am not quite cool enough to completely know honestly"

How did it go?  well I didn't fall on my face.  or rear.  Turns out that Esther is actually awesome and made me look like a newb.  But I did get brave enough to drop in (Which seriously is a big deal for me!!!) AND we are heading back again next week! (Maybe a trick or two in the future?)

We did however start to feel a little un cool when the pros showed up in their beanies doing all sorts of tricks (don't get me wrong I dig me some hipster style but we live in Glendale AZ and its over 100 degrees everyday)

 eventually I looked down at my tie die socks and goodwill roller blades and decided to get out of there.  I will say though that those hipster skater dudes were super nice and encouraging...but please let the park be empty when we go back.

Next on my to do list for today was grocery shopping...the BAIN of my existence.  After scrubbing the kitchen, painting my toe nails, and watching THREE episodes of the office... I got my online coupons and list of adds from other grocery stores to price match.

BUT before I dragged my rear out the front door I decided to take of my bad attitude and shove it in the closet.  Maybe I can use it another time...we will see.

So anyways I had a short session of Beatles karoke in my car on the way to the store.  And long shopping trip story short.  I felt like a warrior princess walking around in my wanna be pink converse tennis shoes, and Chase's shirt with my own face on it saving money like a pro.  Who is cool now to cool for school skater dudes?

AND to top my day off I have finally at long last convinced Chase to come climbing with me and get buy one get one free frozen yogurts.

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