Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I woke up this morning feeling like P Diddy

So! I was looking over my New Years resolutions that I made this year and decided to blog about it for memories sake.  And I just gotta say that I am not doing all to bad!!

Goal #1- Reading the Ensign every month

While I can not say that I have read every Ensign in the month that it came out I have been reading them.  So I am not considering this a complete failure

Goal #2- Work on an attribute of Christ every month 

I have not stuck to the order of my schedule of attributes but I have in fact been working on this!  woo woo!

Goal #3- Read my scriptures 10 minutes everyday

I am really bummed about this one.  While I do read my scriptures most days I will admit that while traveling I missed a couple days and now and then for whatever reason I forget to read my scriptures on Sunday morning... weird I know. 

Goal #4- Be able to do the splits!

I have not achieved this yet but I am working hard.  I had a minor set back of a broken ankle and could not stretch as much as I needed for a good 6-7 months.  (I know I know every excuse is a choice to fail) 

Goal# 5- Try a new recipe every month

I have totally embraced this one.  I have tried more than just one recipe a month for most months.  I will say that baking may never be a strong point for me but my cooking becomes more and more edible all the time.  I do however have minor accidents in the kitchen A LOT.
i.e. in the last week I have accidentally placed my hand on a hot stove and chopped  a nice gash into my finger.  yikes. 

Goal # 6- Run in a race

This goal will be completed November 17th.  I know I am cutting it close but again... broken ankle. 

Anyways I hope Ya'll are doing great accomplishing this years goals!!!


  1. haha i swear we are kindred spirits - i totally put my hand on our very hot stove just the other week. things like that don't surprise danny anymore - he just shakes his head at me, ha. also, you are awesome for having a machete in your car. i have two cool stories about my dad and machetes i should tell you sometime.

    1. Yes, yes you should. I can not wait to hear them!!