Friday, September 7, 2012

"No, I really do have a machete in the back of my car..."

You know those times in life when someone catches you doing something no one was ever supposed to see?  Like the time I thought Spaghetti cans would make great hand weights for a walk... 
Or! when I shaved off part of my eyebrow (once again hallelujah I didn't slice my face open) 

well today...thankfully no one caught me doing anything weird. BUT I once again got caught at a security check point with a "weapon"....crap 


SO!  I don't know If I have ever blogged about this but long story short.
I once visited my bff in Boise ID 
During the fun filled week a knife ended up in my purse (for cake cutting)
I forgot about the knife and headed to the airport to fly home on 9/11 2007
 A little freaky? check.
Can you guess what happened???
FIRST of all I was "randomly selected for a pat down
during the pat down a beeper went off on the baggage ex-ray thing
they brought my purse over, pulled out the knife and proceeded to question me...

Looking back I strongly doubt they suspected me of anything but they did have to do a mandatory search of the rest of my belongings.  oops.

and just wondering, does anyone know if it is a coincidence that I have never fully made it through an airport without having something searched or tested since?


This morning I headed to help my boss Warren teach soccer at a preschool.  The preschool was at a USAA facility and so to get in you have to show your ID.  Because of this Warren wanted to meet me across the street so I could follow him to the exact place inside of the USAA grounds where we were teaching.  This is how our conversation went

Warren-- "Hey Liz just have your ID out so he can check it.  The security guard will ask you if you have any weapons as well, it's no big deal"

Me--"Okay cool...I actually do have a machete in my trunk"

Warren--"haha alright well just follow me in"

Me--"...... I really have a machete in my trunk"

Warren--"wait you are being serious?"

Me--"I know right...who keeps a machete in the back of their that going to be okay?"


Me--"should I hide it? (in my brain cursing myself for saying this out loud,  what a stupid thing to say right?)

Warren--"No, No! you for sure don't want to hide it"

Me--" (in my brain still cursing myself for saying that out loud) "let me just double check to be sure its actually there" after checking..."It's still there"

Warren-- who is now out of his car and looking in my trunk "maybe we need to start re thinking who we have as our coaches haha"  "This is with a lot of camping stuff I am sure it will be okay"

Me--In my head I am thinking..what kind of camping does this guy do? all that is here is a machete, 2 chairs, and 2 car 72 hour kits. "Okay lets go sorry about this Warren"

Warren explained about my machete at the check point.  The guard checked something in his little house room and let me in...phewsh.  And can I just say that maybe this does not seem embarrassing but it was SO embarrassing...this was my new boss for crying out loud!  fail!

I know what you're thinking...something like "What the heck is Liz doing with a machete in her trunk is she a killer? does she think she might go on a jungle expedition at any moment?"  

welp.. I just don't have a good answer.  We got it for Christmas...and the trunk has until now, seemed like a good home for it.  

                                                                              The End


  1. Once again Liz you never let me down! Thanks for the laugh, I really needed it! You always make me smile :)