Thursday, September 27, 2012

Today I was "that" lady

First of all last night was rough.  I have developed a sore throat over the last few days and last night...HOLY COW.  I felt all sorts of sick.  unfortunately however I had a test today at school and was not about to miss it so this morning I pretended I didn't feel sick, took a shower, reviewed...kind of, and dragged my butt to school.

AFTER I took the test (I felt SO nervous about it, but did get an 87%)  I got in the car to drive home and could not pretend that I felt fine one moment longer. I barely arrived home in safety,  walked in the door and immediately changed into my pajamas.  

After a short period of time spent lying on the coach praying Chase would show up with some ice in hand, (I am convinced that ice cream can in fact cure sickness) I realized that I was being very unrealistic and needed to step up, take the bull by the horns, and take care of myself.

SO after looking in my fridge and pantry a few times and realizing that we had nothing that I desired (ie ice cream, hot chocolate, Delicious sugar cereal, herbal tea, orange juice) I decided that I would go to the store.  I also decided that there was no way that I was changing out of my flannel winter PJs....and so, that is how I became "that" lady.

I did in fact get some looks at the store but I am not sure if it was because I live in AZ and it was somewhere near 100 degrees outside and I was in flannel PJs or if was because I had a basket with cinnamon toasters, OJ, tea, hot chocolate, and other sugary things.

And that is how I I became that lady

The End

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