Thursday, June 14, 2012

The world is lovely

okay... so I have totally dropped the ball on blogging this summer...again.

BUT here I go in an attempt to capture this summers essence in one small to medium size post.

FIRST I'm just going to say it...everyone else is thinking it anyways.  mating season hit my friend list hard this year.  Four of my friends in NC are prego along with my bff Tamra a few of my friends back West and a couple of Chases friends wives as well.  And I am so happy for each and everyone of them!!!

**ladies if you are one of the few and far between that are not Prego feel free to meet with the recently founded non pregnant club.  We meet in the hot tub every chance we get....;)

SECOND being bunk buddies with our good friends Jonny and Emilee has been so fun!!! (at least for Emi and I)  We are always finding awesomely stupid things to do.   For instance planing a blind fold date for our super babe husbands, Henna Tattoos, Dance videos, countless dinners, workouts, store excursions, clothes shopping, and this girl even stood watch for me after watching an all to disturbing csi episode and couldn't find the courage to go home and change alone.  Thanks Em:):)

THIRD becoming such great friends with all the other wives out here!!!!! Everyone is so fun!!! shout out to Erin, Lindsay, and Corinne I had some of the bests nights ever with you and Emi.  (oh and fyi we are currently all anxiously awaiting Corinnes baby to arrive at any moment!!!!)

FOURTH.....IM IN LOVE!!!!! Thank goodness right?  I love to take a step back and laugh at my relationship with this wonderful man.   I used to think we were so similar.  But guess what we are very different in all the right ways and seem to balance ourselves out well.  For instance... Chase drives 10 miles under the speed limit so I drive 10ish... miles over:) PERFECTION!!

FIFTH North Carolina has seriously grown on me.  I was just outside admiring the stars and the last of the sunset reflecting on the clouds and it hit me hard that I have really grown to love it here.  The trees the beaches the fireflies.  As much as I love and miss the mountains I would be a happy girl winding up back east somewhere.  (I might be singing a different tune if it was more humid today)

SIXTH I love roller coasters!!!!!!!! and last Saturday we went to Kings dominion home of quite a few brilliant coasters!!! one of them makes most people (myself included) get very close to blacking out!!! WHOA!

okay well... Chase is home the game is on...and I am on his computer...need I say more???

Have a blessed day:)


  1. You know, that hot tub comment struck a nerve. We went swimming the other day and I was so cold and could only stick my dang feet in the hot tub. I sure didn't realize how much I like hot tubs until then.

    1. Aw I am sorry my dearest friend, on the bright side you get a beautiful baby so very soon:)

  2. You're back! Do something crazy today; wear mismatched everything, use Chase's computer while eating something sticky, close all the blinds today and then open them while changing into your jammies. (wink, wink) That boy needs you to keep him unuptight. Yes that is my new word created by me in your honor. Sure love you lots. . . Mama Mo

    1. hahahaha I love this you and this comment made my evening! Thanks!!!