Sunday, November 11, 2012

My hair is redpurple

So yesterday was my birthday party day.  My birthday party was canceled but I am not one to let something like that keep me from acting like its my birthday.

SO I convinced Chase that this clearly meant that I should purchase a new shirt.

while shopping with my friend Kelsie I found myself super attracted to the color red.  (I guess I was feeling powerful)   I am usually a neutral tones kind of girl but yesterday....I LOVED me some red.

where did this day take me?

to target in the hair coloring isle.  As I was earlier I found myself very attracted to the color red.  Not bright red, but dark auburn.

I did not take into account that my hair was currently half honey blond.... and this is what happened

This picture does not even begin to do my rock star hair justice. 

I will be going back to beautiful brown tomorrow.  redpurple hair does not suit me well

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