Friday, December 30, 2011

Adios 2011

Good bye 2011 its been fun

This was the year

I had my last first kiss
I got engaged
I got married
I did A LOT of USA travel
I came to terms with my Brothers possible death
I had a happy reunion with my brother who in fact did NOT die
I was almost terminated by a tornado
I learned a lot about my weaknesses (I mean A LOT)
I turned 21!!! (now I can be the 2nd driver on a rental car)
I finally went to Disneyland! (yes that's me running towards the sign...)
I had my first Christmas away from home
I saw the Napali coast
etc... feel free to read through my blog posts from the year I recommend Dinner or Run Hard or Run Home from April or any other posts from around that time.  I was funnier back then I think

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