Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Years Eve (The Movie)

I am happy to say I loved it!

Every Wednesday night my Husband laces up his basketball shoes and hits the courts with our good friend Derek Hull.

Where does this leave myself and Dereks' lovely wife Debbie?

welp sometimes it leaves us cuddled up on the couch watching friends/ doing homework/ researching pinterest

sometimes it leaves us wondering the isles of Hobby Lobby with the DIY crafts from pinterest fresh in our minds

TONIGHT! (after Debbie finished up her last final) we wound up at the movie theaters!!!

after purchasing our tickets, might I add that Debbie almost made her almost snuck in Mike&Ikes fall out of her purse while searching for her debit card, we headed into an empty theater!!!!!

why it was empty I do not know because I certainly loved this movie

It wasn't cheesy like we expected!  It even made me tear up a few times:) AND it reminded me of how much I like to dance my face off!

so I am recommending this movie for the fun loving free spirits out there.

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  1. Hi I read the title of this and the first line just as I was talking to a friend who was trying to convince me to go see this movie with her tonight. You convinced me. So I went and I also quite enjoyed it! :)