Friday, December 9, 2011

Run hard or run home

I am happy to say.

after three years and countless miles on my beloved cross training asics.  I have at long last retired them (something that really should have been done long ago)


Merry Christmas to me!!!!!

I got these

You probably have heard about these
the Nike Free Run 2 
They really are everything people say they are

I seriously considered getting the Nike Free TR
they look cooler and have great reviews
but unfortunately these fit my feet better
(not that I don't seriously love them)
and I hear they really mold to your foot well

Thank you Mr. Moffat!!!!!!! 


  1. Nice kicks! Some of my shoes don't fit me anymore because my feet are just starting to swell, oh the joys of pregnancy!

  2. rawr! i've been wanting some light weight delicious shoes such as those! i always envy them at the store. sinner i am.