Friday, December 2, 2011

Thats life

I was just thinking (something that is hard to do when you work graves...I have also heard it's hard during and after pregnancy...not that there is a bun in the oven)

Life is this big amazing thing.  There are so many opportunities, cultures, activities, information and much more available for us to participate in, learn about and experience. It's all about what we want and what we do about what we want, right?
It always blows my mind that the more I learn, the more I realize that there is SO MUCH to learn about anything and everything. 

Why do people forget that God put so much beauty, life and complexity into everything and if they take a step back they might catch a glimpse of their own potential?

I know for me, sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own SMALL, seemingly busy life, that I forget how big and beautiful the world is and how amazing the people and things that God put everywhere are. 

When I remember to step back I see a girl that I really love, that has such potential, that can make a huge impact.  She can do hard things.  She can love everyone around her.  She can influence and lead other people to be healthy mentally and physically.  She is full of life and energy.    
....How come I forget about her? Because I get wrapped up in stupid details of life that don't matter and that girl gets SMOOSHED.  I really gotta work on that.

What makes me even more sad?  I KNOW so many people are at least similar to me.  

Don't get me wrong.  A lot of people are so good at being so amazing almost always.

GOOD NEWS, I have been directed towards some formulas that really can remedy this tendency to forget.

Read your scriptures EVERYDAY...NO MATTER WHAT. 
Exercise and eat right,  God gave us a body and wants it to be taken are of.
Pray every morning and night, before meals, and whenever you have something to be thankful for (aka always).
Pay attention at church.  Take notes!!!!!!
Listen to music that is soothing.
Don't watch or look at anything you don't want STUCK in your brain.

Maybe some more stuff.  
With all my love.


  1. i wish you were here and you could teach my YW lesson on this very subject. I think you have more credibility than me...

  2. I love you liz and am very happy that you are my sister in law! You have so much of chases perspective on life it astounds me. I hope to become like you, you have so much depth and a good perspective on this life we are all living.