Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas brings out my inner child

Christmas Eve

after stopping my youngest brother Jake in the dark hallway of our home

Me: so...what time are you waking up...?
Jake: (cocking his head to the side eyes narrowing) what time are YOU waking up...?
Me: I asked you first...
Jake: 3AM I WILL be the first one to the stockings
Me: I am waking up at four...Ill wake you up and we can go through the goods together
Jake: Deal, see you in the morning

later that night around 2:30AM restless I wake up first confused and then realizing what day it is...first clear thought....SANTA!!!!!

I crept into Jake's room  woke him up...got out stockings...decided it was best not to sort the stockings and returned to bed


Me: (waking up early from anticipation again) CHASE! wake up its christmas!
Chase: (a little confused) what time is it?
Me: hurry!!!! were late!!!! we have to get over to your house now!!!!
Chase: (eyes still closed) okay okay

upon arriving at the Moffat household we discovered no one was awake

and no one was awake for another 45 minutes

thats okay....

yes, I am in fact a child

my favorite Christmas present?

I GOT A FORT KIT! genius

Chase's favorite gift?

A signed LaMichael James football jersey. FROM ME!

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