Sunday, February 3, 2013

Do you know what a Nigglywiggly is?

Last night I realized that my journal entries (the one that's a paper/pencil situation) have become shorter and shorter.   I also realized, over time, I have started blogging less and less.  oops? 

So here is a quick catch up:)

  • Chase has turned into a master of getting in bed without waking me up!!!:)  If by chance he does wake me up, I am told that I not only become angry, convinced he has some diabolical plan meant to keep me awake and miserable, but that I regularly quote Harry Potter as well. 
  • In Relief Society we played two truths and a lie as a warm up.  No one was able to guess my lie! (is that something to be proud of?)  Can you figure it out?
  1. I am double jointed in my pits (as in arm pits).
  2. I can say the ABC's backwards.
  3. I can do a double back flip on a trampoline.                                  

  • I planted a garden!!!!!!!....!!!!!!!!! This is basically a dream come true for me.  Sometimes while I am daydreaming that the ocean is right outside our apartment, I daydream about my huge garden too. For now my garden is in planters on our deck.  BUT, someday I will have my very own yard to turn into one. 

  • I have a brand spanking new Nephew!!!! his name is Samuel.  His big brother N8 calls him Sammie:) I can not wait to meet the little guy. 

  • I have a slackline that I don't get to use NEARLY enough.  Sometimes it makes me miss my little brothers even more fiercely than I already do.

The End. 

p.s.  A Nigglywiggly is the little piece of paper that comes out the top of a Hershey's kiss.

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