Sunday, February 17, 2013

Meet Bob Hope

So I got a puppy, 

 If you are my friend on Facebook or follow me on Instagram then you probably know already, and may even wish that I would stop obsessing about my ultra super mega adorable cuddly friend.   

There is also the high possibility that I have sent you multiple picture/video texts of my furry friend.  

(really what are the chances that you actually read my blog, and are not covered in one of these three categories?)

What some people MIGHT not know is that I have been BEGGING Chase for a puppy, basically since before we were married.  

So why now? Why did Chase make this impulsive decision? How did I persuade him to make an impulsive decision at all? (Chase is not a man of impulse)


Chase is a salesman, and a very good salesman.  I have picked up on a few things here and there, and finally figured out how to sell Chase on the idea of a puppy.  

Here is what I realized

I needed to appeal heavily to Chases emotions.

His logical side would always find a creative way of saying H-E double hockey sticks NO.
So, last week when a little girl in nursery looked up at Chase and sweetly told him 
"I love you very much" 
I knew the iron was hot and that I had to act quickly. 

that afternoon we had our friends Mike & Kelsie over for dinner and we all ended up looking at pictures of dogs online.  This quickly turned in to looking at pictures of dogs on craigslist which by the end of the night turned in to going to look at puppies.  

Once I had him holding a puppy there was no turning back. 

And that is how Bob Hope came to be a part of our family.


  1. - that video!! I am dying. I cannot wait to meet him. Haha and you are a genius - super smart way to convince Chase.

  2. Yes! Brilliantly done Liz. I'm still surprised that he caved so quickly. PS love bob hope.