Sunday, October 6, 2013

So We Decided to Run A Marathon

Everyone's doing it. Are you?

Trust me I am super "hip"...  After my brothers wedding last weekend my Grandma told me that I can really "cut a rug", that's right people, who wants to hit the disco? I am super "hip", in large because of my dancing skills, so you should obviously trust me.  Sign up for a marathon.  It cant be that hard right?  This is the one we are doing...join us. do it...  We are only a few weeks into training. Its not to late. If Chase can find time to train for it, so can you.
 I know, I know, I make a compelling and intellectual argument.

I guess I will finish this blog with another "Liz is Crazy" blurb.

Tamra and I find ourselves playing Snap Chat truth or dare on occasion.  It was one of our favorite games when we were the young age of 20...  Chase was studying in our room, door shut, obviously.  Tamra dared me to slide some spoons under the door. So I did, no big deal. What proves I am crazy is that Chase never said anything about those spoons.  Nothing! 3 days later I brought it up.  He didn't think it was weird behavior for me, and was actually a little surprised I did it due to a dare.

I am a weirdo, and not even the cool kind of weird.  It is also clear to me that I need to try harder to not distract Chase.  The weather is finally getting cool enough to go outside so that's good. Who wants to slackline?

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