Friday, January 4, 2013

I have been cheating on my blog with my journal

soooooo much to tell!!!!!

I guess first I should say Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!! I hope everyone had a delightful holiday:)

For Christmas this year my parents asked each of my siblings and I to perform an act of service and write about our service in a card telling them about it.  Chase and I recruited our friends Mike and Kelsie and made a Christmas basket with a gift card containing what to me is a lot of money, then we gave it to a family in need.  I LOVED doing this as a gift to my parents.  The entire experience made me feel all warm & fuzzy inside.

I really love my parents, but I also like them.

For my Dad's Birthday (which is also Christmas) I put together a memory book with letters from old friends, new friends, and in between friends (and when I say friends I mean family too).  I would like everyone who helped me with this project to imagine me giving them a huge hug and melodically singing thank you (my voice is in fact dove like...).

During Christmas break we spent our time climbing

Shooting (We got a gun for Christmas)


and we ALMOST went snow shoeing around crater lake.  For those of you who live near Crater Lake this is a must.  During winter months on Saturdays at 1pm they offer a free 90 minute ecology walk around the lake, AND they provide the snow shoes.  It is SO much fun.

Chase and I spent New Years Eve in San Francisco.  It was a fantastic day.  We are however getting old,  at about 8pm an Elderly Chinese man took us on his bike buggy back to our car (We are 98.4% sure he kept letting them rip).  We then drove about an hour out of San Fran and found a hotel to sleep in for the night.  WE BOTH fell asleep before it was 10pm.

We are old...but I am totally okay with it.  We had a really fun day and I would much rather wake up early to start the new year than wake up feeling like I got hit by a mac truck.


That finally brings me to my summary of last years resolutions and this years.

I did okay...!

2012 GOALS

I ran in a race. I tried MORE than 12 new recipes(but at least one every month).  I read the ensigns.  I did not read my scriptures for 10 minutes everyday.  I didn't ever do the splits all the way.  BUT I will soon.  and I did not consciously work on a different attribute of Christ every month.


But I do feel like I kept my goals in mind and worked towards them.

THIS YEAR!!! 2013!!! WOOO

I want to write in my journal most days
 Run a half marathon
 Read my scriptures everyday
ensigns every month
Try a new recipe a month
be a better listener
wake up by 6:30 EVERY day. (except if sick)

Okay that's it for the longest blog post ever.  If you made it through, I LOVE YOU.


  1. I love you too! Oh and your Christmas present made me feel all warm and fuzzy too!

  2. You are a rockstar! I love reading your blog...your so fun!! I love you guys, sounds like you guys had a blast!

  3. Your parents are awesome! I love the gift request and execution! The Phoenix 1/2 Marathon in March 2nd. Will I see you there!???