Thursday, January 17, 2013

I tried to kill her with kindness first

----I just re read my post and realize that I sound and that I probably am a little bitter.  If you would like to think that I am kind and sweet then don't read this one----

I am having neighbor problems.

From the very first day we moved in our neighbor below us has played her music VERY loud.  So loud that I always know exactly what she is listening to.  So loud that if the song has a good bass part it shakes our cute little floors.

I made the decision basically from the beginning to let this bug me.  At first I tried to manipulate her.  I brought her cookies, gushed over her adorable dog, and was a good neighbor.  Then, I would just go down and politely ask her to turn it down since Chase has to study and I have to remain sane.

There was even one night when I went down to ask if she could keep it down when she had friends over (it was super late).  Her drunk friends were kind of rude, but still, I let it slide and remained cordial.

WELP, finally, about two weeks ago I declared war on her.  One morning I just lost it. (I still haven't found "it" but I am trying to Mom, I know she is a daughter of God too)  I put my speakers face down into the vents, turned up the bass, and blasted it.  I decided to put on some Imagine Dragons and Phoenix, This girl needed to hear something besides the genre "typical radio crap" (that's a station right? wow I'm sounding bitter) Did this work? I don't think she could hear my music over her own.

A few days into this warfare I realized a few things.  I was A. probably bothering our other neighbors. B. fairly positive she just strait up didn't care.  C. no wonder neighbors from college hated my apartment for all the noise we created. and D. that Chase and I are getting old...

  If anyone who happened to live above or below me in the past every reads this post you can count this situation as my carma...  and I am so so sorry.

anyways after a very thought out note left on her door and many calls to the office I am throwing in the towel ;) .  I am now counting down the days until she graduates Dental School (which is sometime this spring HALLELUJAH).

Chase and I also are considering laxative treats.   Hopefully I find "it" soon so I can be reasonable about the constant party happening over here.


  1. Hahahhaha Take her a box of sleepy time tea.

  2. Haha I love this. And I'm also sorry about it. Some days I feel like I should bake our upstairs neighbors treats and bring them earplugs because I feel so bad about our baby crying at night. How can people like your neighbor be so inconsiderate? I just don't know. I think a 5 AM dance party is in order.

  3. Call the cops. Charge them w/ Disturbing the peace. this is irrational but cops are good at this