Thursday, January 10, 2013

It can't be that hard...

Today at the gym (the one in my apartment complex) I found myself all alone at 6:30.

What the heck right? Aren't people supposed to be forcing themselves to the gym this time of year?

ANYWAYS I saw this video on facebook a few days ago

(Thank you yuppiside1138 please don't block this video on my blog)

I found myself looking around, checking every window to see if I saw any signs of Human life.

After some not so careful contemplation I did my best dancing on the treadmill to Shake it by Metro Station.

Hats off to this lady she has some serious skill.  While I managed not to fall on my face I am 100% sure I didn't make myself look to good.

 P.S. my new job title for soccer shots is Director of Communication (fancy right).  AND I am working as a trainer and love it.  Life here in AZ is treating us well.

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