Sunday, January 30, 2011

Growing old

A few months ago I turned twenty.  It’s a sad thing to lose your teenage years but I decided to make the best of it and start doing some things that I feel as a legitimate adult I should do.  I started a stamp collection, after three months of serious collecting I am now up to 6 stamps. WHOA.

 I also started to really find joy in puzzles, I am no longer ashamed of my love for documentaries AND I sat myself down and decided to think.  To really think.  

So today this is what I want to share, I realized that communication is key in my deep thoughts, lack of communication is where SO many conflicts and issues come from.  God wants us to communicate with him every day and he wants us to communicate with each other so that contention can be avoided.  So personally since I am naturally one of the world’s worse communicators I have been working pretty hard at it.  Turns out it’s not that bad! 

the quote for today: "What I do depends on how I feel about what I know" -A poster in the gym

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  1. LIZ!!! you are SO Cute!! My Last Blog was About Getting old But i last wrote on it Like a year ago mabey 2 years :) lol yeah cause it was After Senior Year! golly! This just made my DAY!! your ADORABLE!!! :D