Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chase I love you

So I have the best husband ever...seriously (this is gonna be a cheesy)

List # 1 He is cute, this is why

  • sometimes when I get home from work at night he runs out in the hall to meet me coming down the stairs:)
  • Last night I threw pillows at the light switch for like half hour to try to turn off the lights.  Even though he wanted to go to bed he didn't get mad  he just waited patiently for me to get it.
  • He makes my hormones rage
  • Tonight I got home from work.  He found Friends on the tv and just wanted to snuggle for a little bit   (he is not big on friends it was really just to be nice to me)
  • AFTER friends I noticed that the Prince and Me was on.  He didn't even hesitate saying I could watch that 
  • For my birthday he let me buy a plane ticket to LA.  (not to work on my future as a musician but to go to....DISNEYLAND!!! with my fam)
  • The other day after working a grave I passed out in a crazy position on the bed.  I woke up to him making me comfortable and tucking me in.  I love him
  • He puts the milk in the door of the fridge even though I know he likes it in the main body.

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