Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pizza Dreams

Hokay.... So I have had some serious pizza dreams the last few nights.

Some are now getting fuzzy so I'll be brief

I had a dream  I was a Pokemon trainer...IT WAS AWESOME
when I woke up I told Chase

He said "Aw Liz 10 year old boys have dreams about Pokemon too!"

spsh it wasn't just about Pokemon, I was a Pokemon trainer! and a good one.  Not to mention I had saved a large group of innocent citizens from unavoidable doom.

Last night I had a dream about Justin Bieber...

This is shameful to admit.  In fact its against my better judgement to share this on my blog. aka the internet. aka a place anyone can see.


I had a dream he kissed me.... The rest of my dream I was close to a meltdown because IM MARRIED.
I did wake up a little bit upset.  But come one it was JUSTIN BIEBER!
Chase forgave me.  but I don't know if we will be rockin out to JB anytime soon.

Am I a bad person? FYI I would never kiss even Justin Bieber if I had the chance.

YIKES. anyways

peace out cubscouts

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