Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dinner is on the stove

Here I am :D

AGAIN listening to Christmas music.  But if someone out there actually looks at my blog regularly.  You already know how it makes me feel and I won't go mushy on you again.

I have completed/semi completed a couple of crafts I would like to share

On the top left we have an easy DIY Christmas ornament.  I got the inspiration off of my new favorite time waster pinterest.  don't know what it is? Don't check it out you will be almost instantly hooked.

what you need?

  • clear craft Christmas ornaments, plastic or glass whichever you prefer
  • paper, you can you use paper already printed on like I did or print off meaningful words phrases etc
  • scissors 
  • ribbon (of your choice, my ribbon is in real life very beautiful it just doesn't look like it in the photo) 

just cute the paper into strips curl them around a pencil put them in the ornament. BAM! done! they look awesome and are so easy and inexpensive

What are the Chalkboards/cork boards in the bottom left corner?

You may notice

A. I messed up
B. I forgot a before picture
C. If you have similar taste to my own you recognize how awesome there potential is!

anyways I just found both at D I for a total of 4 dollars.  I taped them up and spray painted them and had an accident.  BUT its ok I will fix it

Thats all

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  1. Why don't we live in the same town so we can make crafts together and listen to Elvis Christmas music? GAHH