Monday, November 14, 2011

Organized Chaos

This was truly a crazy weekend (But a great one!)

  • One of my best friends/ cousins got married to a beautiful women.  (I was the best man!!!)

  • I met DAVID ARCHULETA in the temple!!! He got his endowments out the same session as my new sister Whitney 

  • Neil invited him to their preception later that night and HE CAME.  (To bad I left a bit early to go meet up with my hubby)

  • The next day we went to their sealing and FINALLY The majority of my family got to meet Chase proving that he was not just some made up man in my mind.  (It has not worked out for him to attend a few family gatherings that I have gone to)

  • Chase took part in organizing a coat drive.  In about 3 hours we collected almost 1000! coats!!!!

  • The reason this was chaotic?  I work graves and was getting a very small amount of sleep.

Here are some pictures:)

First time Neil saw Whit in her dress:)


1000 Coats!

These are the people who went out to collect the coats:)

Peace and Blessings, PEACE and blessings

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